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Special Education

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HWDSB is committed to providing appropriate educational opportunities for improved student learning for all students. Many professionals, including classroom teachers, early childhood educators, special education teachers, educational assistants, school administrators, special education consultants, special assignment teachers, speech and language consultants, psycho-educational consultants and social workers, provide  support services to students with special needs.

HWDSB endeavours to meet the needs of all special education students in the most enabling environment, in accordance with parental preference. The special learning needs of students, wherever possible, can and should be addressed within the home school. We provide a continuum of special education supports and services for exceptional learners which includes this regular class placement and support, as well as special class placement and support.

Education of our children is a responsibility shared by parents, school staff, and the students themselves. Regular, ongoing communication, initiated by you or the school staff, is a valued part of the team approach. Students, parents, and educators all play important roles in the planning and implementation of a student’s special education program.It is our hope that the information summarized here and on the connecting pages will be helpful to you.

Should you require further information about programs, services and supports in special education or student services, please contact your local school or call 905-527-5092 x 2625 to have your call directed to the appropriate staff/department.

Please see the following pages for more information.

Updated on Friday, July 24, 2015.
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