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Last updated on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Coop Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning activities vary in length and commitment from both the student and the employer or community placement. This experience gives you a chance to get a quick look (through shadowing, twinning or work experience) or even a semester-long look (through Cooperative Education) at potential career options.

Employer Section

For a list of System School to Work Programs click here.

For more information regarding Co-op at HWDSB, please contact Lynn Krusto at 905.527.5092 ext. 2638 or email lkrusto@hwdsb.on.ca or contact your Co-op teacher through the Student Services Department at your secondary school.

What is Co-op?

It’s a chance for students to get out into the “real world” to apply, and practice things they have learned in some of their “in school” courses.

  • Co-op is offered in every HWDSB high school
  • Up to two credits earned through Co-op can be part of your compulsory credit requirements
  • There is no limit to the number of credits you can earn in Co-op
  • System School to Work Programs are also available. These Pathway programs are available to all HWDSB students, and offered at various specialized facilities.

Our secondary schools have co-op education programs that can provide children with hands-on learning in an area of their choice. Co-op programs combine theory and practice to help students prepare for their career goals.

Some examples of HWDSB co-op programs include: