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Grade 8 to Grade 9 TRANSITIONS

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Grade 8 Students:

We would like to welcome you to Saltfleet District High School. We put our students first, by creating environments that support them to make our school a great school. Each one of our students will be able to work towards their goal, at Saltfleet District High School.

We hope to see you here at Saltfleet District High School again before you begin Grade 9 in September. We look forward to you joining us and bringing your own unique talents and abilities to our school!

Contact Student Services 905.573.3000 ext.4388 if you have any questions.

2018-2019 feeder school PPT

Be informed about future pathways:

Parent Grade 7 & 8 Night PPT

Search the courses available at Saltfleet:

Saltfleet Grade 9 Handbook

Information for Grade 8 option sheets:

Educational Planner

grade 8 feeder school course selection 2018-19 doc

grade 8 out of board course selection 2018-19 doc

Grade 7-8 Saltfleet video. Check out what Saltfleet has to offer!

Reminder to incoming grade 9s about community hours:

You are eligible to complete your 40 volunteer hours during the summer before grade 9! It is recommended to get your hours done as soon as possible. Check out our volunteer page for a list of opportunities!

Saltfleet Volunteer Page

Volunteer Opportunities 2018

Summer Reach Ahead or Transition Program

Attention Grade 8’s, the Summer Reach Ahead or Transition Program might be for you!!

Stay tuned for Summer 2019 information

It is FREE for eligible students in Grade 8 and attended an Ontario school

  • Helps make the transition to Secondary School less stressful and more meaningful
  • Focuses on literacy, numeracy and learning skills
  • Reinforces organizational skills, time management and work completion

Register for STEP!

Updated on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.
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