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Ancaster Accommodation Review Nearing Conclusion

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Ancaster Accommodation Review Nearing Conclusion

The Ancaster Accommodation Review is nearing its conclusion, with an interim final staff report submitted to Trustees, a delegation night held and the upcoming final proposal by Trustees to the Ministry of Education expected on May 29, 2017.

Trustees have made no final decisions.

The process began on November 14, 2016, when Trustees approved a recommendation to start the accommodation review.

Accommodation reviews are an opportunity to work with the community to look at schools in a ‘big picture’ way to plan for the future and create the best environments for students. The intent is to revitalize programs, renew facilities and maximize partnerships.

The Ancaster review included Ancaster Senior, C.H. Bray, Fessenden, Queen’s Rangers, and Rousseau.

The review sought input in a variety of ways, including consultation with community partners, public meetings and working meetings involving an Advisory Committee comprised of parents, teachers and non-teaching staff. The Committee provided comments and feedback for the Board of Trustees consideration; they also served as conduits to share information with school communities.

After months of meetings, and with this community input, staff were able to submit an interim report, with a final recommended option to Trustees for consideration.

The staff recommended option – after advisory committee input – is summarized as:

  • Rebuild CH Bray and Rousseau on existing sites.
  • Add an addition to Ancaster Senior.
  • Close both Fessenden and Queen’s Rangers upon the completion of the new schools and addition.
  • Conduct a boundary review between Queen’s Rangers and the new school on the Beverly Community Centre site after a final decision of the Accommodation Review.

For full details of the staff recommended option, and to see the three Advisory Committee options, please review the Final Staff Report.

Updated on Friday, August 25, 2017.
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