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Last updated on Monday, March 21, 2011.

R.L. Hyslop Elementary School is located in south Stoney Creek. It is located on the west side of the street and nestled under the escarpment. The school boasts a lovely treed area on the escarpment slope.

The school has a long history in the community, so much so that there are children of past Hyslop graduates currently attending the school. The first Stoney Creek School, known as S.S. No. 3, was built just north of the current site in 1880. Frequently renovated and expanded, it was finally demolished in 1966 when the current structure was complete.

It is named in honour of Ralph Lloyd Hyslop, who was principal of S.S. No.3 from 1918 until 1958. His photograph graces the front foyer.

Our Motto, “Be The Best You Can Be” accurately describes the effort put forth by staff, students and parents in the pursuit of academic excellence and community involvement.

EQAO Results
These assessments capture performance at a specific point of time each year. The results should be considered together with other school information about student performance in reading, writing and mathematics.