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Reaching New Heights

Ridgemount is a wonderful little school next to the Mountain Arena in a quiet residential community, surrounded by a huge grassy playground. Our school community is unique, with students coming from various cultural backgrounds. We are proud of our different ethnic heritages and traditions and demonstrate that pride. Ridgemount has fantastic students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, an amazing staff and the best School Council in the system. Yes, we are proud! We work hard to make our school a great place to be and what’s even better, we all work together! This is OUR school! Please see attached flyers for more information on upcoming information sessions.



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Our Board

Watch: United Way - Math 456 Program
The United Way supports programs that impact our community, our friends and our neighbours each day. HWDSB's United Way Campaign drive helps to generate funds that will impact our wider community as well as our personal friends and family members. Payroll deduction is a convenient way for you to make a difference. Please ask your Principal or manager what you can do to support the United Way. "Give a little. Help a lot."