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Secondary School Revitalization


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Updated on November 30, 2016

HWDSB has received the feasibility studies for our secondary schools. Over the next five years, HWDSB will be investing $11 million annually in our secondary schools. Renovations will focus on the following areas:

  • Science Labs
  • Playing Fields
  • Learning Commons
  • Gymnasium Floors

What has been done:

  • Electrical service repairs (2014)
  • Boiler replacement (2014)
  • Sanitary line (sewer) repairs (2014)
  • Gym A/B re-flooring (2014)
  • Stucco repairs (2014)
  • Washroom near gym for community use (2015)
  • Window and door replacement – including main entrances (front and rear)
  • Gym C re-flooring, drywall bulkhead installation and painting
  • Locker room painting
  • New school boulevard sign


High-end natural turf soccer / football field

Our Secondary Program Strategy is giving us an opportunity to update our schools with the technologies, tools and environments that students will need for learning, working and living in the 21st century. Our program strategy is making all schools great schools, giving students choice in their local schools, expanding access to specialized programs, and ensuring students achieve and graduate in HWDSB.

We want all students to find what they need in every one of our schools – and we value and support each post-graduation pathway: apprenticeship, college, community, university and work. Some programs are of interest to few students at a limited number of school sites. These require specialized facilities, equipment or funding, and are located based on existing infrastructure, the goal of balancing school enrolments, and evenly distributing specialized programs across the system.

Learn more about our specialized programs on our school website.

What are the future plans for Sherwood?

HWDSB has already replaced the large gym floor and upgraded heating, ventilation, new washroom near the gym and plumbing. Work is also underway on the small gym floor as well as replacement of windows and doors. This work is expected to be completed in spring 2016.

A feasibility study was conducted for the remainder of the work. View the feasibility report.

What is the purpose of the feasibility study?

HWDSB is currently conducting feasibility studies at ten secondary school across HWDSB. The reports focus on the costs associated with renovating the following spaces:

  • science labs
  • technology classrooms,
  • specialized support programs
  • learning commons
  • gymnasiums
  • washrooms
  • work rooms

The scope of the reports typically involve upgrades to school electrical systems, HVAC systems and windows. Costs associated with asbestos removal and abatement are also included in the report.

These reports will guide the Board in making capital decisions at our secondary schools. The overall Secondary Revitalization Strategy report is expected in April 2016.

Why has some renovation work been put on hold?

Renovations to science labs and some other areas have been put on hold until the Board receives the feasibility reports from all the secondary schools. A revised strategy for Secondary Revitalization is expected in April 2016.

Is it possible Sherwood will close?

As outlined in the Board motion, HWDSB is committed to a school on the Sherwood site.

Will Sherwood be getting a new school?

We recently submitted a business case to the Ministry of Education requesting funds for a replacement facility at the Sherwood site.

When will we know if the Board was successful in securing funding?

We understand the Ministry will be making announcements for the next round of capital funding in the spring. We will know if we are successful at that time.

Is asbestos a problem at Sherwood?

Asbestos was a common material in buildings constructed prior to 1990. When HWDSB renovates a school containing asbestos, we remove the asbestos in affected areas before we begin construction.

Is there a health risk for my child?

There are no significant health risks if materials containing asbestos are:

  • tightly bound in products and are in good condition
  • sealed behind walls and floorboards
  • isolated in an attic
  • left undisturbed

Visit the Health risks of asbestos page.

How do you know where the asbestos is located?

HWDSB’s asbestos management plan – which covers Sherwood – details how to deal with asbestos in schools. HWDSB did an inventory of asbestos in all schools in 2008. This information is updated every year.

How do you know the asbestos hasn’t been disturbed?

We ensure asbestos is undisturbed by …

  • doing three-year inspections
  • inspections when work occurs
  • sampling materials for asbestos
  • use of a HEPA air filter
  • training so staff can identify asbestos and know what to do after a disturbance or potential disturbance

In addition, we do air tests to ‘clear’ areas that have had their asbestos removed or contained.

All asbestos in occupied areas at Sherwood is encapsulated. Materials above the ceiling are generally not contained but this is not required.

What kinds of programs will my child be offered at Sherwood?

All secondary schools in HWDSB offer a wide range of programs, course types and learning opportunities to prepare students for success in high school and beyond.

Pathways in high school prepare students for their chosen post-secondary destination.  Plans and destinations may change as they develop as a person, but planning their path, their way will help them be successful. The five pathways we refer to are: Apprenticeship, College, Community, University and Work. All these pathways are offered at Sherwood.

Does Sherwood offer any specialized programming?

Some programs require specialized facilities, equipment or funding and can only be offered at some locations. Our Secondary Program Strategy supports transportation to these programs for interested students. Examples of programs offered at Sherwood include French Immersion (Grades 9 & 10 in 2016) and Health and Wellness.

What are the boundaries for Sherwood?

The boundaries for Sherwood can be found on our website at http://www.hwdsb.on.ca/revitalization/#tabs-13. Transportation is offered to students living over 3.2 kilometres from Sherwood.

Why do I have to attend Sherwood when I live across the street from Nora Frances Henderson?

The former Barton secondary school is acting as a holding school for the students living in areas that will eventually feed into the new Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School. The new Henderson will be located southwest of the intersection of Rymal and Upper Sherman.

What will enrolment be at Sherwood Secondary School?

The projected enrolment for Sherwood Secondary School is:

Capacity 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
1,308 1,097 1,077 1,141 1,157 1,183 1,229

How does HWDSB staff determine enrolment numbers?

The enrolment projections are made up of two separate components that include the existing school community and students generated by new development. The existing community projections are developed by advancing students through the grades based on historical, by-grade retention rates. The retention rates are grade specific and capture any gains or losses in enrolment that a school may experience as students move from one grade to another. Retention rate methodology is a common practice in Ontario School Boards.

By applying historical student enrolment (by unit type) to municipally approved development forecasts, planning staff have the ability to project the number of students generated by new development. These two components combined make up the enrolment projections. Enrolment projections can be done for a variety of time frames. One year, five year or 10 year projections are typical time frames used by the Accommodation and Planning Division.

There are a number of school specific assumptions that are also captured in the projections. These assumptions can be related to specific programs, board policies that may affect enrolment numbers like out of catchment or new Ministry initiatives such as full-day kindergarten.

Projections are then cross-referenced against historical enrolment trends, population forecasts, Census data and live birth data in order to judge alignment of enrolment numbers against these sources.

The Board of Trustees is committed to revitalizing HWDSB secondary schools. We want our students to have great learning facilities equipped for 21st-century learning. To do this, we need to ensure we are reviewing the needs and allocating resources effectively at our secondary schools. HWDSB is conducting feasibility studies at 10 secondary schools across the district. These reports focus on the costs associated with renovating science labs, technology in classrooms, specialized support programs as well as spaces such as learning commons, gymnasiums, washrooms and work rooms. Costs associated with asbestos removal and abatement are also included in the report. The scope of the reports typically involve upgrades to school electrical systems, HVAC systems and windows. These reports will guide the Board in making capital decisions at our secondary schools.

 Learn more about the Sherwood Feasibility Report.

Updated on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.
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