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Ray Lewis

Balanced Day

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Balanced Day Schedule

Ray Lewis Elementary School continues to use the Balanced Day Schedule to promote an effective learning environment in order to meet the nutritional needs of your children in a more balanced way, and provide more time for physical activity and play.

The school day consists of two nutrition breaks, in which children will have time to eat a snack and participate in indoor/outdoor play.  The day replaces the traditional system of two recesses and one lunch break.

The staff at Ray Lewis Elementary is confident that your child/ren will receive many benefits from the Balanced Day Schedule including:

Balanced Nutrition – Research indicates that children, unlike adults, need more frequent food breaks each day.  The Balanced Day will provide two opportunities during the school day for students to eat.  Students who are nutritionally satisfied can concentrate better and learn more effectively.

Physical Activity – At a time when physical inactivity and obesity are on the rise in school age children, the Balanced Day program will give students two opportunities every day to take part in at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted play.  The increased exercise time will energize students, help them to concentrate better on schoolwork and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Academic Performance – Brain Compatibility Research supports a balance of learning, physical activity and nutrition throughout a school day.  To maximize learning for children the Balanced Day Schedule provides a significant block of teaching/learning time without interruption.  We are anticipating academic benefits for all our students.

Literacy Program – Every class in the school will have time specifically allocated for Literacy Programming (reading, writing, oral and visual communication) during each school day.

Updated on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.
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