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Queen's Rangers


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Meet our Queen’s Rangers Staff.

Some staff have their own classroom websites and blogs.  Check on the individual class page for information.

FDK – Mrs. Lambert, Mrs. Dube-Ringel (DECE) Educational Assistant – Ms Etzel
Gr. 1/2 – Mrs. Cross/Mrs. Woodcroft
Gr. 2/3 – Mrs. Breen-Buckley
Gr. 3/4 – Mrs. Webster Instructional Coach – Mrs. Baturin
Gr. 4/5 – Mr. Kolodziej Head Custodian – Mr. Stirling
Gr. 6 – Mr. Davy Custodian – Ms. Donovan
French – Mme. Woodcroft Office Administrator – Mrs. Willemsen
Prep – Mrs. Arruda
Office Administrator – Mrs. Stinson
Music – Mr. Stewart Principal – Mrs. McLaughlin
Learning Resource Teacher – Ms. DiFalco


Updated on Monday, May 14, 2018.
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