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School Council Meeting Minutes from September 19

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School Council Meeting Minutes from September 19

MINUTES – September 19, 2017

Present: S. Revill, L. Crawford, B. Firman, T. Hood, L. Faulkner, M. Somerville, T. Quinn, M. Fiorentino, T. Quinn, K. Payne, S. Hodds, M. Money, B. Nieuwenhuis, E. Webster, L. Arkell

2. Review and Approval of Agenda

An agenda was not prepared for this meeting – discussion topics added as required by Council members present

4. Chairperson’s Report

-Shannon is stepping down as Council Chair and the Council requires somebody to take her position

L. Faulkner nominated Barb Firman to be the Chair for the 2017/18 school year
T. Hood seconded nomination

-Barb accepted nomination and will co-chair with Shannon for the 2017/18 school year

-Tammy has agreed to once again take on the role of Secretary – Laura will help her when required

5. Treasurer’s Report

-Jen Book is no longer a parent at QR and therefore will not be continuing her role as Treasurer

-Jaime Dube said in June of 2017 she may know two parents that may be interested – Laura will follow up with her

-Liz Crawford has agreed to be the interim Treasurer until another candidate is found

-Shannon will ask the previous Treasurer (Jen Book) for the budget from end of the 2016/17 school year and have it available for the October meeting

-we will need to determine what we have in the bank account and what amount we are looking to raise to cover the 2017/18 budget

6. Fundraising Report

Fall Fundraiser
-do we want to do a school-wide event (e.g. dinner)?
-any ideas?

-discussion had about what exactly we are raising money for – will table fundraising ideas/projects until the budget is reviewed in October
-Liz Arkell and E. Webster will ask teachers what they may need/want

Halloween Dance-a-Thon
-Tuesday, October 31 (Liz Arkell to confirm date with staff)
-Shannon will ask Jen Book for past paperwork and have it ready to be distributed amongst students before the Thanksgiving weekend
-Martha will help with set up that day
-can Mr. Davy do music?

Touch a Truck
-Saturday, May 26, 2018
-Laura will be the school rep on the organizing committee
-will need somebody to take the lead on the QR fundraising table

7. Principal’s Report

-QR received a grant from the HWDSB for ukuleles in the Spring – reps from the Board will be visiting the school to watch students play
-bus safety presentation has been booked
-Mr. Davy is taking some grade six students to bus patrol training
-EQAO data will be shared at October meeting
-at the first Principal’s meeting at the School Board, each school was given an Indigenous belt to display at the school – QR’s is in the library

8. Teacher’s Report

-Go Girls and Ricky Raccoons are up and running and Raccoons are looking to organize a Spirit Day
-Cross Country is on October 13
Motion: L. Faulkner – that the Parent Council cover the cost of the bus for the Cross Country event
Second: K. Payne
-special thanks to the Fiorentino family who purchased and installed a sand box in the FDK area
-Terry Fox Run will be on September 25 – asking for a $2 donation from each student

9. Other Business

Christmas Lunch
-we need somebody to take the lead on the organization of this event

Grad Rep
-we will need somebody to once again help with this event

-Sandy Hodds made a request for ice packs to be purchased for the school – Liz Arkell will purchase these

-there was a discussion about purchasing a tent for school events (e.g. Cross Country, Touch a Truck etc.) and having it logo’d – this will be tabled until we know what our budget looks like – Kathleen said she has one we can borrow in the meantime

10. Next Meeting – Tuesday, October 17 @ 4:30 p.m. @ Queen’s Rangers

Agenda Items for October Meeting
-2017/18 budget
-fundraising plans/ideas/projects
-EQAO review
-Christmas lunch

11. Meeting Adjourned

Motion: L. Faulkner

Updated on Monday, September 25, 2017.
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