Posted on Wednesday, February 01, 2017

We have begun planning our year end trips for our school.  We are concerned that we will not have enough parents with Vulnerable Sector Screenings (Police checks) as we were scrambling at the last minute to find enough people to meet the trip ratios so we could attend the play James and the Giant Peach at Ancaster High School.  We are hopeful that a few parents/grandparents/other family members would be willing to apply for a Vulnerable Sector Screening to support our ability to provide this opportunity for our students.  Please note when you submit a Vulnerable Sector Screening it must be dated within the last six months and new Vulnerable Sector Screenings must be submitted to the school every 3 years.

The minimum ratios which include both staff and/or volunteer supervisors are as follows:  JK,SK 1:5, Grades 1-3 1:8, Grades 4-6 1:10.

If we do not have enough parents to accompany our students, unfortunately we will not be able to participate in a year end trip.  Please click on the link to start your Vulnerable Sector Screening application.https://www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/hamilton/

Thanks for your support!