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Queen Mary

Staff List

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Kindergarten Team

Ms. Mathieson/Ms. Paglia
Ms. King/Ms. Fanjoy
Ms. McKenna/Ms. Kozlowski
Ms. Turner/Ms. Fuentes
Ms. Tyrrell/Ms. Groskurth
Prep Coverage – Ms. Majkut

Primary Team

Grade 1 Ms. Abraham
Grade 1 Ms. McDonald
Grade 1/2 Ms. Cooper
Grade 2 Ms. Donaldson
Grade 2 Ms. McHugh
Grade 2/3 Ms. Akamphuber/Ms. Bernacki
Grade 3 Ms. Jepson
Grade 3 Ms. Djordjevich

Junior Team

Grade 3/4 Ms. Rizza/Ms. Arlen
Grade 4 Ms. Krikorian
Grade 4 Ms. Clarke
Grade 4 Ms. Szpak
Grade 5 Mr. Matic
Grade 5 Ms. Kreuzer
Grade 5/6 Mr. Gerritson
Grade 6 Ms. Edward
Grade 6 Ms. Steeves

Intermediate Team

Grade 7 Ms. Addison
Grade 7 Mr. Moses
Grade 7 Mr. Hall
Grade 8 Ms. Hutchinson
Grade 8 Mr. Laidman

Specialty Subjects

Multiple Exceptionalities Mr. Reardon
Library Ms. Laufman
Physical Education/Health Mr. Constable
Physical Education/Health Ms. Hutchinson
French Mr. Gregotski
French Mme Fudge
Mohawk Language (NSL) Ms. Maracle
Music Mr. Ingrassia
English as a Second Language Ms. DeSousa

Learning Resource Teachers

Ms. Evans
Ms. Offord
Mr. Lutterotti
Ms. Wiggins

Educational Assistants

Ms. Alexander Ms. MacDonald Ms. Trafford
Ms. Barbosa Ms. McLeod Ms. Westenberg
Ms. Beaulieu Ms. Owen  Ms. Gaian
Ms. Brooks Ms. Pelletier  Mr. Burke
Ms. Kowalski Ms. Siddiqui

Social Worker

Ms. Hall

Custodial Staff

Mr. Borsellino
Mr. Simpson

Ms. Livingston

Office Staff

 Mr. Frankovich
 Ms. Elliott
 Ms. Brown
 Ms. Cooper


Updated on Wednesday, March 07, 2018.
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