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Pauline Johnson

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Students at Pauline Johnson School have many interests.

Math Resources

Click on the link below to get more information about a Free program designed to help both students and parents to understand todays math. Mathies K to Gr 3 and Mathies Gr 4 to 6

We have many “Healthy Active Living“initiatives happening at PJ including our: Grab and Go breakfast program,  Our Little Sprouts Eco team” and our Learning Garden. These are initiatives that have been ongoing at Pauline Johnson for over a year.

Homework Help … https://homeworkhelp.ilc.org/

Homework help is an online math tutoring initiative available for all students in Grades 7 – 10. Please encourage your children to become familiar with homework help.
By the time students are in grade 10, the chat line should be available for all students up to grade 12. The chat room is open Sunday to Thursday 5:30 to 9:30 pm 

eMAX – HWDSB’s digital lending library.

To encourage and support students with their independent reading, HWDSB provides a digital lending library called eMAX.

eMAX, which is accessible through the HUB, includes eBooks and Audiobooks appropriate for K-12 students.  These digital resources can be read and listened to on almost any device from an iPad to an MP3 Player.  This initiative is exciting and engaging for our students!

eMAX Parent Letter (Apr2016)

Updated on Thursday, May 10, 2018.
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