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Pauline Johnson
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Bell Times

8:15 AM - 2:35 PM


EQAO Results

Child Care

Visit our child care website.


Jessica Lindsay - 905.388.1761 | Email Jessica Lindsay


Marco Lutteroti


Laura Romano - 905.527.5092 x 2622 | E-mail Laura Romano


Dawn Danko - 289.775.0269 | E-mail Dawn Danko

School Council Chairs

  • Laura O’Neill

Administrative Office Staff

  • Mishell Llewellyn – Office Administrator
  • Lisa Riverso – Office Assistant (am)
  • Jessica Spence – Office Assistant (pm)

Our School

Pauline Johnson Public is located in the Central Mountain area

  • The school opened in 1967
  • Pauline Johnson serves approximately 400 students representing 13 different language groups.
  • 11% of our students have English as a second language.
  • The school serves a wide spectrum of socio-economic family settings
  • Pauline Johnson is an extremely welcoming school that boasts a positive and productive School Council relationship
  • The school has a High needs ranking
  • The YMCA runs an after school care program in our building
  • Much extra student support is provided through Pauline Johnson’s involvement in co-op programs and other special initiatives such as Westmount,  Nora Henderson, and Mountain Secondary School co-op Programs, McMaster University Students Volunteer Hours support, HW Police Department Community Service/Elementary School Liaison Officer Safety and Crime Prevention Presentations, Neighbour to Neighbour

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

SOS – Support Our Students – A consolidation, renewal, & more effective use of a variety of support mechanisms using school and Board resources to ensure student success

  • Inclusion: We try to keep our identified students in regular class placement as often as is possible and as best meets the needs of the students
  • Reading Intervention Programs Early Success and Soar to Success
  • Flexible Grouping of students to assist those who are struggling in a specific area
  • Financial/social support for students and families through connections with outside agencies

Program Highlights

  • Family Literacy Day
  • ESL support through our Special Assignment Teacher
  • Flexible grouping for math and language support

Clubs and Activities

  • Nutrition Break Intramurals
  • Spring Talent Show
  • Swim Team
  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

  • Collaborative Inquiry
  • LITERACY: Literature Thrust: all classrooms, modeled, shared guided reading and writing, literature circles, literacy embedded across the curriculum
  • “At risk” students: Reading intervention: LLi, Empower, support through HWDSB consultants for: ASD students, Character Networks groups, etc
  • Flexible Groupings:  Group by levels for guided reading, group to support unfinished assignments, group by placing ‘at risk’ or IEP students in grade/class at which they are performing to suit level and need.
  • Parental involvement:  School Council, Parent Engagement Group for After School Scholars, Parent Meet Ups for FDK parents with “hot topics”such as: what does reading look like in a kindergarten student, healthy active living, etc
  • NUMERACY: use for all stages of assessment – diagnostic, formative, summative; three part math lessons, inquiry based math

Environment Focus

  • Peer Mediation: Grade 5 students trained as mediators to help students solve problems in a positive way.
  • Tracking Sheets: Collect and tally data by term to target chronic offenders with behaviour intervention strategies
  • Active Recess :RAP Bins: Use triple Hoop, organized ball games, active recess games (ropes/ balls/Chinese elastics) to keep students actively involved at recess
  • Alternative Lunch Activities:  Running Club, Chess Club, Grade 5 intramurals,
  • Hamilton Police Services: Use the Community Liaison Officer for school safety visits/presentations
  • Bus Safety Presentations:  Primary – Buster Bus; Junior – SOAR Safety Order and Rights
  • Stand Up Against Bullying:  Presentation  by outside groups as available but not yearly – anti Bullying poster contest for Hamilton Police Services Contest.
  • Roots Of Empathy:  Social Skills Program provided at the grade 5 level to develop emotional literacy and empathy and to reduce incidents of bullying, aggression and violence
  • Social Skills Program: Anger Management program provided by the school social worker at the grade 4 level
  • PJ Pleasers: – Learning Skills: 1 focus /month compare to HWDSB Learning skills Calendar – reward with PJ Pleasers: 1 primary, 1 junior class winner/month; 2 students selected each month
  • Nutrition Club: Committee to manage funding to provide healthy snacks for students, lunches for students who arrive without, nutritional news items each week announced to promote healthy eating.

Parent & Community Involvement


  • YMCA before and after school programs
  • Neighbour to Neighbour
  • HW Police Department Community Service/Elementary School Liaison Officer for support and for Safety and Crime prevention presentations
  • Roots of Empathy Program
  • Secondary and University Co-op students
  • Public Health Nurse


  • Parents are involved in a variety of ways at Pauline Johnson school.
  • School Council has only a few members (Parent’s please consider joining us)
  • parents volunteer in classrooms, in the library, on field trips and on Council
  • parents are involved in the Home Reading Program, Who wants to be a
  • Mathematician, Family Literacy Day, Family Reading Project
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