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Orchard Park

Business Studies

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 Business and Computer Studies



Course Offerings

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Grade Course Code Course Name
9 BTT101 Introduction to Information Technology
10 BBI201 Introduction to Business
10 ICS2O1 Computer and Information Science
11 BAF3M1 Introduction to Financial Accounting
11 BMI3C1 Introduction of Marketing
11 BDI3C1 Entrepreneurship
11 ICS3U1 Introduction Computer Science
12 BAT4M1 Principles of Accounting
12 BBB4M1 Introduction to International Business
12 BOH4M1 Organizational Studies: Organizational Behaviour
12 CIA4U Economics
12 ICS4U1 Computer Science
12 IDP4U Finance


NEW! IDP4U – Finance Package (3 Credits)  – includes IDP4U Finance, BBB4M International Business, and CIA4U Economics

This course investigates financial management, capital markets, and ways in which capital is acquired. Students will use diverse information skills, resources, and technologies to gather information related to a variety of Canadian and international financial institutions, investigate the conceptual and mathematical foundations of increasing net worth, and examine investment in the stock market (e.g., the risks and safeguards in stock trading, stocks as investments, creating investment portfolios). They will also analyze the social impact of personal and corporate investment decisions and will learn to solve problems through theoretical investigation and case studies.
Source: OBEA Resource CD, 2009



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