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The Humanities

Last updated on Monday, September 11, 2017.

The Humanities Department

  • The humanities is a newly created department that combines the ¬†subjects of business, family studies, and philosophy.

Department Listing:

 Department head: M. Ciarrocchi
Assistant head: C. Powles
Department members: S. Bui
J. Kijonek
H. Kopanka
J. Simeon
M. Hutton

Courses Offered:


  • BTT1O, Grade 9 Information Technology, Open
  • BBI2O, Grade 10 Intro to Business, Open
  • BAF3M, Grade 11 Intro to Financial Accounting, University/College
  • BDI3C, Grade 11 Entrepreneurship, College
  • BMI3C, Grade 11 Intro to Marketing, College
  • BMX3E, Grade 11 Retail Marketing, Workplace
  • BTA4M, Grade 12 Financial Accounting
  • BOH4M, Grade 12 Business Leadership
  • Finance package (please note that the following courses are taken concurrently in a semester): BBB4M, Grade 12 International Business, CIA4U, Grade 12 Economics, and IDP4U, Grade 12 Finance

Family Studies

  • coming soon!


  • coming soon!

Ontario Curriculum Documents:

Updated: September, 2017