Work with our Schools

Every day, school boards in Ontario are being asked to consider requests related to supporting student mental health and well-being. School settings create a unique opportunity for community partner agencies, organizations and businesses to provide information and deliver services to large numbers of children and youth; all in one place; all at the same time.kids HWDSB supports the facilitation of this approach to knowledge sharing and skill development as part of its overall commitment to conducting our work within an Equity framework. By bringing the information and services into our schools, we can eliminate many of the common barriers preventing children, youth and families from accessing these same supports within the larger community.

To help us ensure consistency, transparency and alignment with Board strategies and priorities, we are guided by a document called the Decision Support Tool. This guide was developed by the School Mental Health ASSIST Provincial Implementation team and is now being used in all 72 school boards in Ontario.

As you will see, Page 10 of the Decision Support Tool outlines the questions we will be asking you to answer if you are interested in bringing a presentation, speaker or activity into our Board. In addition, pages 9 and 11 note the questions that will inform a Principal’s and ultimately a Board’s decision as to whether or not a presentation, speaker or activity would fit with the strategic directions and priorities established.

View the Decision Support Tool.

At the Ministry of Education level, Policy Program Memorandum (PPM) 149 explicitly outlines the province’s commitment to promoting effective community-based partnerships with external agencies that foster continuous improvement in the delivery of programs and services for all students, including students with special needs. Closing achievement gaps for all students continues to be a major priority.

Community partners within PPM 149 include regulated health professionals, regulated social service professionals, and paraprofessionals.

If you are interested in working with one or more of our schools and you do not have an existing Protocol, Memorandum of Understanding or Partnership Agreement with HWDSB, please complete the application below and submit to:

Third-party Application Form

Michelle Rosenberg
Mental Health and Well-Being Liaison Manager
HWDSB Education Centre
20 Education Court, Hamilton, ON  L9A 0B9