How we Support our Schools

We are committed to working with students, parents, caregivers and the community to provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment for all students. We believe in conducting all of our work through an Equity framework in which principles of inclusion and belonging, as well as an awareness of Systemic Inequalities guide our decision making processes. We plan for success to help students and staff be their best. Here are some structures that support our Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy.


Board Leadership Team

A team of 30-40 people drawn from all leadership roles and departments at HWDSB including Students Trustees, Trustees, Parents/Caregivers, Community Partners.

Mental Health and Well-Being Directions Committee

This committee oversees a wide range or working groups and sub-committees including:

  • Suicide Response Protocol
  • Children’s Mental Health and Well-being Community Agency Partnerships
  • Staff Capacity Building – Mental Health and Well-Being Awareness, Literacy and Expertise
  • Mindfulness Practices Implementation
  • Positive School Climate
  • Community Mental Health and Well-Being Resources Website
  • Board Mental Health and Well-Being Website
  • Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) Implementation

Mental Well-Being School Liaison Rep

To increase staff awareness, knowledge and understanding about student mental health and well-being, each school will select a staff member to serve as Mental Well Being School Liaison. With Board support, this lead will:

  • work with the school administrator to facilitate feedback processes that will help determine the school’s areas of strengths and needs in relation to HWDSB’s Mental Health and Well Being Strategy Priorities for this academic year
  • develop an enhanced awareness of internal and community based agencies, services and online Mental Health and Well-Being resources
  • support the work of the Health Action Team and the Teacher Advisor in schools where this service is provided
  • communicate back to staff, any information provided at the planning meetings that would enable staff to better establish core conditions of well-being as well as the range of professional development opportunities for staff regarding student mental health and well-being
  • participate with other Mental Well-Being School Liaisons, in 3-4, half day, professional development/planning sessions lead by the Mental Health and Well-Being Liaison Manager and other system staff.