Chedoke Wellness Weeklies

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017

When: April to June 2017

Target Ages/Grades: K-8


  1. To improve student awareness of things they can do to promote mental wellness.
  1. To make everyone feel like they belong and are connecting with others.
  1. To give students a positive alternative to the playground.


At Chedoke we are taking National Mental Health Awareness Week into every week with our “Wellness Weeklies”. Wellness activities are designed to promote inclusivity and social, emotional, intellectual, and/or physical well-being in our students.

Thanks to dedicated staff and community partners, wellness weeklies were offered across the grades 1-5 times a week!

Impact: Staff/Student Feedback 

“I really saw his face shine during hip hop.”- staff

“I want to learn how to do more hula hooping. That was so fun.” –grade 4 student

“I am so proud of myself. I made my mom a beautiful bracelet.”- grade 4  student

“I want to learn how to juggle now.”- junior student

“I had to ask some kids to come back tomorrow because there were so many show up for today’s wellness activity.”- staff

“That was so fun! Can I come again tomorrow?”- grade 1 student


“I like to come and work with the kids. It makes me feel good.”- community volunteer

“My son came home and told me all about the dance lesson he had at lunch today. He was really excited.” –parent

Activities for Education Week: 

Nail Painting ~ Hula Hooping ~ Smoothie Making ~ Mindful Movement ~ Grade 8 Led Craft Activities for Primary/Junior classes ~ Diversity Day ~ Student Led Assembly to mark the end of Education Week.

Open House Day May 3, 2017:

Hip Hop dance classes throughout the day ~ Wellness Cupcake Decorating during Open House (use an emoji to decorate your cupcake) ~ Cultural Pot Luck (parents invited to sample dishes from around the world ~ Student guided classroom tours (“Ask me how Chedoke is promoting Mental Wellness?”) ~ Flash Mob led by Student Leadership Team at end of the evening.

For more information contact:

Jo Ann Corbin-Harper     JCORBINH@hwdsb.on.ca

Diane Dufault-Chassie    ddufault@hwdsb.on.ca

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