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Position: Name:


Mrs. S. Dunn

Office Administrator:

Ms. Z. Milanovic

Learning Resource Primary

Ms. M. Kopac

Learning Resource Junior/Intermediate

Ms. M. Kopac

Teacher-Librarian/Primary Prep

Mrs. T. Gardner

French Gr. 3-5

Mme. A. Moore

French Gr. 6-8

Mme. L Prentice


Ms. Erskine, Ms. Foltarz Ms. DiGiovanni

Early Childhood Educators

Ms. C. Devincentis (LTO), Ms. C. Lachance, Ms. V. Mantione (LTO))

Primary Prep

Ms. K. Horton

Primary Physical Education

Ms. L. Hagan

Grade 1

Ms. S. Perry

Grade 1/2

Ms. N. Weller

Grade 2

Mrs. K. Geroux

Grade 2/3

Mrs. J. Staples

Grade 3

Ms. A. DeMelo

Grade 4

Ms. A. Spagnuolo

Grade 4/5

Mr. H. Wensink

Grade 5

Ms. M. Chabot

Grade 6

Mr. R. Daniel (LTO)

Grade 6/7

Mrs. K. Pickard

Grade 7

Mrs. C. Marchis

 Grade 7/8

 Ms. S. Brown

Grade 8

Ms. S. Solter

 Educational Assistants

 Mrs. K. Jaggard, Ms. C. Mason

 Caretaking Staff

Mr. V. Benish

Ms. N. Meseljevic

Updated on Thursday, August 30, 2018.
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