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Mary Hopkins

Bucket Filling School

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Bucket Fillers Pledge:

I promise to do my best to be a bucket filler every dayat school, at home and everywhere I go.

Bucket filler drawn on a wall

Mary Hopkins School works hard to encourage positive behavior. The staff of Mary Hopkins is committed to making our school a caring and safe place for learning. We are focused on creating a positive school climate where all members of a school community feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. School Climate may be defined as the sum total of all of the personal relationships within a school. These relationships must be founded in mutual acceptance, inclusion, respect, responsibility, and civility, and must be modelled by all.

We all carry an invisible bucket in which we keep our good thoughts and good feelings about ourselves. This bucket represents our social and emotional health. When our buckets are full, we are happy; when our buckets are empty, we are sad.

1. Fill a bucket. A bucket filler is someone who says or does nice things to other people. Bucket fillers are those who help without being asked or give hugs and compliments. By filling other people’s buckets, we fill our own bucket too!

2. Don’t dip. What is a bucket dipper? Bucket dippers rob us of happy feelings by refusing to help with a task, by saying or doing mean things, by making fun of someone or by ignoring or excluding someone. Bucket dippers act this way because they have empty buckets. They think that they can fill their bucket by dipping into our bucket, but that will never work. A bully is an example of a bucket dipper.

3. Have a lid. This helps prevent others from dipping into our bucket. The reason that bucket dippers act mean is because their buckets are empty. Their actions usually don’t have anything to do with us, and if we understand that then it helps to keep our bucket full, thereby preventing others from dipping into our bucket.

The Code of Conduct promotes a positive school climate that is a contributing factor to a safe and orderly environment.

Updated on Wednesday, May 02, 2018.
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