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Below you can find a list of the current staff…
Staff wearing Lisgar t-shirts

Staff Member Grade
Mrs. Imbrogno Principal
Mrs. Wallace Office Admin
Ms. O’Reilly

Mrs. Van Ravenstein


Designated Early Childhood Educator (D.E.C.E.)

Mrs. Bishop

Mrs. Glover




Mrs. Gatto Grade 1
Mr. Eathorne (LTO for Mrs. Mancini) Grade 1/2
Ms. Shoesmith Grade 2/3
Mr. Chohan Grade 3/ LRT
Mr. Frail Grade 3/4
Mrs. Legere Grade 4/5
Mrs. Ferguson Grade 5/6
Mrs. Santinon

Mr. Goode

Grade 6/7 & Library

Grade 6/7 & Phys Ed

Mr. O’Hoski (LTO for Mrs. Donohue) Grade 6/7
Mr. Kelly Grade 8 & Music
Ms. Hudson Music & Phys Ed
Mme. Marcotte French
Mrs. Wilkie-Smith Character Networks Relations Teacher
Mr. Sopkow Gateway Teacher
 Mrs. DiBartolomeo Character Networks LRT
Mr. Mantic Special Education Consultant
 Mrs. Glenny-Burke Character Networks Social Worker
Mrs. Bouwman Learning Resource Teacher (L.R.T.)/Junior Intermediate Drama/Dance
TBD ESL Teacher
Mrs. Angus, Mrs. Dorion,

Mrs. Adnitt, Mrs. Binek,

Mrs. Baldwin

Educational Assistants’s  (E.A.’s)
Mr. Tait, Mrs. Carter Custodian

Updated on Monday, April 30, 2018.
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