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June Newsletter

  • Monday June 1st, 2015

My Thoughts:

Well, what can I say?—it has been quite a ride!  I am not very good at saying goodbye (I have a little BJ Honeycutt in me); however, I will do my best.  I remember walking into Lincoln Alexander School on June 26, 2009 about to meet the staff for the first time; needless to say I was quite nervous and excited at the same time.  Within minutes, I felt the warmth and the energy from staff as I began to settle into my new role as principal of Lincoln Alexander School.  I have been asked many times what a principal does.  There are many tasks and responsibilities; however, I believe my job is to focus on caring for people, so they feel safe to take risks in order to learn.

I have been extremely fortunate to work with an amazing group of educators over the past six years.  They innovate, they care, they work together and they challenge the status quo so we can move forward in our learning.  Thank you to our teachers, educational assistants, dedicated early childhood educators, caretaking staff and office administrators.  Thank you to the coffee club members for your knowledge, insight and ears.  Please know how proud I am to have worked with all of you.

Parents, thank you for your ongoing communication, patience and openness to new ideas.  I have appreciated your opinions as we have worked to continue to make Lincoln Alexander School the place to be.  Thank you to School Council for the many activities, events and suggestions brought forward to improve our school.  I appreciate our partnership with Umbrella Day Care, led by Julie Kott.  It’s so nice to simply walk down the hall, discuss a situation and make a plan that works for everyone.  Finally, to the students at Lincoln Alexander School-I will really miss you.  Every day, I have been fortunate to observe: your energy, your passion for learning, your care for each other, your mistakes, your recoveries, your crazy stories, your sense of humour and most of all that you appreciate who you are as individuals.

Upcoming Events:

  • We are looking forward to our School Play Day on Wednesday June 17th starting at 11:20 a.m. (rain date will be for Thurs. June 18th). Students will be on teams and rotating through 7 events.  At the completion of the events (1:50 p.m.) we will be having family picnics in each homeroom.  We are looking forward to seeing parents and family join us on this day.
  • The Lincoln Alexander Track and Field Team will be competing at Mohawk Sports Park on Friday June 19th
  • Our final LINC Assembly is on Tuesday June 23rd @ 11 a.m.
  • The Grade 6 Farewell Assembly will take place on Wednesday June 24th at 12 p.m.


  • The Scholars program and Room 2 would like to thank the Lincoln Alexander community for supporting our charity book sale. $162.00 was raised and donated to The Make- a-Wish Foundation. Leftover books were also donated. Everyone can make a difference!
  • We had an outstanding Lincoln Alexander Olympics in May where students competed in the ball throw, a jumping competition and running races (80m, 300m, 700m). Thank you to all staff, students and parents for your support.  The Gold Medal went to Jamaica, Serbia earned the silver and Canada won the bronze.


  • Friday June 5th is a PA day and therefore the school is closed for students
  • We have 2 Pizza Days remaining (June 12th & 19th)
  • Milk will continue to be on sale until we run out of supply toward the end of the month (please keep your tickets as they can be redeemed next year)

H.W.D.S.B. Days of Significance for June:

View all the days of significance. If you are having trouble opening the link, right click and select open or copy and paste the link into your browser.

Lincoln Alexander Staff 2015-16

  • Office Administrator-Ms. Wright
  • Head Caretaker-Mr. Marshall
  • Educational Assistants- Ms. Jewitt, Ms. Wellwood & Mrs. Penner (in Speech & Lang. class)
  • JK/SK Team –Mrs. Romero & Ms. Bourassa (DECE)
  • JK/SK Team –Ms. Vandenburg, Mrs. Amaral (DECE) & Mrs.Smith
  • Grade One/Two- Mrs. Moulton
  • Grade One/Two-Mrs. Ho
  • Grade One/Two-Mrs. Berta
  • Grade Two/Three-Ms. Duemm & Mrs. Tadeson
  • Grade Three/Four-Mrs. Andreychuk & Mrs. Hall
  • Grade Four/Five- Mr. Pitkeathly
  • Grade Five/ Six-Mrs. Brandon-Rooth
  • Speech and Language Class – Miss. Leier, Miss McManus (Speech Pathologist)
  • Character Networks Classroom-Ms. Montgomery and EA staff to be determined
  • Character Networks Centre- Ms. Maher and EA staff to be determined
  • Learning Resource-To Be Determined
  • Library-Mrs. Tadeson
  • French- Mr. Karski
  • Principal-Mr. Maudsley


As we welcome our new staff members, we need to take time to reflect on the contributions of some outstanding educators who will be leaving Lincoln Alexander.  Miss Watson will be teaching a 4/5 class at Bellmoore.  Mrs. Woods will also be moving to a new school in the fall.  I am very thankful and proud of their work in room 10 and how they have stepped up to help many of our students to improve academically and socially.  I am thankful for our conversations, their support and how they have helped me to become better in helping our students succeed.  Mlle Chiappetta will be teaching a 7/8 French Immersion at Lawfield.  She is a very talented teacher with a diverse range of skills and will be truly missed.  Congratulations to Ms. Chute as she has been promoted to Vice-Principal at G.L. Armstrong.  Her persistence and dedication to knowing and helping each child succeed will definitely help her in her new role.  Mrs. Start will be also leaving for a new school; we thank her for her hard work with the Kindergarten team.  Miss MacDonald will be finishing up at Lincoln in June.  I appreciate her enthusiasm and the thrill of learning that she has shared with our young and older students.  Finally, I would like to thank Mrs. Potter and Ms. Lumb; the tag team duo in room 14 for helping our kindergarten students to be their very best

Please help me to welcome Mr. Maudsley and all of our new staff to Lincoln Alexander School.  Let’s have a super June together.

Take care,

Mr. M. Hopkins

Two Last Thoughts

  • Hope is a good thing
  • When in doubt, x = 8

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