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French Immersion

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Last updated on Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

French Immersion: Is it for my child?

If you are considering the French Immersion program for your child, you should be aware of the following:

French Immersion Entry Grade

Parents/Guardians should begin registering their child in February to ensure they receive a spot in the school’s French Immersion class

Student Registration and Information Form

French Immersion

  • is a proven way of acquiring excellent language skills in French
  • is specifically designed for parents who do not speak French, but wish their children to speak both official languages
  • begins in Grade 1 and all students in the city of Hamilton are eligible

If you are interested in enrolling your child in French Immersion please contact your nearest French Immersion school in September. (See the listing of Immersion schools on our website.).

Keeping up French Language Skills During the Summer. Here are some suggestions for helping your child maintain and improve French language skills during the summer holidays.

  • Computer programs: Check local bookstores and computer outlets for French language software. Some have an audio component so students can hear French spoken.
  • Television: There are a number of programs in French for children or the whole family might like to watch.
  • Radio: Listen to the news or music in French on Radio Canada or listen to C’est la vie! on CBC Radio One. Host Bernard St-Laurent offers fascinating insights into life in French speaking Canada.
  • Internet resources/sites: A Google search can provide numerous sites for French songs, poetry, stories, games, etc. Students who have email can correspond with school friends or relatives, in French or in a combination of French and English. (Please note that parents should monitor Internet activity of their children.)
  • Movies: If you have a DVD player you can watch films and also change the language of the film to French to enjoy all or part of a movie in French.
  • Shopping: Check the labels on food and merchandise for the description or ingredients in French.
  • Vacation: How about keeping an ongoing journal in French of trips and family outings during the summer? The journal can include pictures, photos with captions, words, maps etc. and can be real or imaginary.

French Immersion Information Night
(Start time is 6:30 p.m.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

École Élémentaire Michaëlle Jean
2121 Highway # 56 Binbrook

The French Immersion Advisory Committee

FIAC is advisory in nature with a focus on FI program in elementary and secondary as well as Ministry and community supports that enhance the learning experience for our students. Meetings are as follows September 26, 2012, November 21, 2012, January 30, 2013, April 3, 2013 and May 29, 2013 all meetings are held at 7:00pm at Westdale Secondary School Library (2nd floor).

Resources and information for parents, with students in French Immersion, are available through Canadian Parents for French Hamilton chapter.

French Immersion Meetings

2013 – 2014 Meeting Dates

Wed Sep 25 2013 7:00 PM

French Immersion Advisory Committee

Westdale Secondary Library

Wed Nov 27 2013 7:00 PM

French Immersion Advisory Committee

Due to a conflict this weeks meeting is being held at the George R. Allan School (in the staff room) 900 King Street West Hamilton with parking at the back of the building. and NOT Westdale SS.

Wed Jan 29 2014 7:00 PM

French Immersion Advisory Committee

Westdale Secondary Library


Wed Mar 26 2014 7:00 PM

French Immersion Advisory Committee

Westdale Secondary Library

Wed May 28 2014 7:00 PM

French Immersion Advisory Committee

Westdale Secondary Library

French Immersion Locations and Catchment Areas

A.M. Cunningham

100 Wexford Avenue South
(905) 544-7771
A.M. Cunninham Website
Grade 1 to 5
For students living west of Cochrane/Strathearne and east of Wentworth (lower city).


1150 Main Street West
(905) 528-8631
Dalewood Website
Grade 6 to 8
For students living west of Highway 403 to the City Limits (Dundas and Flamborough).


23 Dundana Avenue
(905) 628-2622
Dundana Website
Grade 1 to 5
For students living in Dundas and West Flamborough (SK to Grade 4 for 10/11).

Earl Kitchener

300 Dundurn Street South
(905) 528-0223
Earl Kitchener Website
Grade 1 to 5
For students living east of Highway 403 and west of Wentworth Street (lower city).


168 Huron Avenue
(905) 648-4115
Fessenden Website
Grade 1 to 4
For students living in Ancaster (SK to Grade 2 for 10/11.

Glen Brae

50 Secord Drive
(905) 560-6732
Glen Brae Website
Grade 6 to 8
For students living east of Wentworth to the City Limits (lower Stoney Creek).

Glen Echo

140 Glen Echo Drive
(905) 560-6630
Glen Echo Website
Grade 1 to 5
For students living east of Cochrane/Strathearne to the City Limits (lower Stoney Creek).

Guy B. Brown

55 Braeheid Avenue
(905) 689-8254
Guy B. Brown Website
1 to Grade 6 – For students living in East Flamborough.


45 Berko Avenue
(905) 387-0062
Lawfield Website
1 to Grade 8 -For students living on the east mountain, including Upper Stoney Creek and Glanbrook .

École Élémentaire Michaëlle Jean

121 Highway # 56
Grade 1 to 8
École Élémentaire Michaëlle Jean Website

Norwood Park

165 Terrace Drive
(905) 575-9808
Grade 1 to 8
Norwood Park Website
For students living in the Upper City West of Upper Wentworth (including Ancaster for students in Grades 3-8).


222 Robinson Street
(905) 528-7975
Ryerson Website
Grade 6 to 8
For students living east of Highway 403 and west of Wentworth Street (lower city)

Sir William Osler

330 Governor’s Road
L9H 0A3
Sir William Osler Website
Grade 6


Secondary School
700 Main Street West
(905) 522-1387
Westdale Website
Grade 9 to 12
For all students in the Hamilton-Wentworth area


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Need more Information?

For further information on French Immersion, please call the French Consultant at 905.527.5092 voice mailbox. 2242.