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James Macdonald

Welcome back!

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Welcome back!

Welcome back to all of our returning students and families as well as the many students and families that are new to the James MacDonald school community.  The staff at James MacDonald are excited to welcome their students into their classrooms for a year of wonder, inquiry, and learning.  As always, I am excited that I once again get to be a part of this great team.

New Staff!

At the end of last year, we said goodbye to some of our staff members.  As a result, we get to welcome some new faces to our James MacDonald staff.  We welcome Ms. Giles (French/Jr. Music), Mrs. Borreggine (FDK – DECE), Mrs. Brochu (Grade 2/3), and Mrs. Sanelli (Grade 2/3). Ms. Bishop (KDG), Mrs. Sun (ESL), Mrs. McLEan (Reading Specialist).

You can find a complete staff list, including teaching assignments and room numbers, on our school website.

First day procedures:

  • As students arrive at the school, all staff will be out back to greet them and help direct them to their entry location.  Please do not arrive prior to 8:35 AM as there is no supervision prior to that time.
  • there will be two staff members greeting the busses on our first day to help keep students organized and direct them where to go
  • We will have our class entry using the Primary/Junior model.  Primary classes will enter through the entry door outside of our Empower Room (at the back north-west corner), and Junior classes will enter through the entry door by the main parking lot.
  • All students will line up for entry.  Once everyone is organized, teachers will guide their students to their lockers and classrooms for, what we expect to be, a great first day of learning and reconnecting
  • Please ensure that your child knows his or her dismissal routine for the end of the day:  Example:  Who will be picking them up and where to meet; where to meet siblings and friends with whom to walk home; which bus route they are on etc.  Our dismissal will be the same as last year: walkers dismiss through the same door by which they entered; bus students will line up in the main hall outside the library.

Please note that there are several important pieces of paper coming home on the first day.  Please complete and return any required forms.  This will help with the organization and permissions in each class.  Thanks for your attention to this request.

Please look for additional posts and information.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Labour Day Weekend! See you tomorrow!

Updated on Monday, September 04, 2017.
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