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French Immersion

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Last updated on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Oui je parle fran├žais

Glen Echo is one of the schools in Hamilton that offers French Immersion. Our program runs from Senior Kindergarten through Grade 5.


The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board offers an Early French Immersion program beginning in senior kindergarten. It is designed to provide English-speaking children with opportunities to become highly proficient in French as well as in English. Classroom instruction in senior kindergarten and grade 1 is given in French. In grade 2 English Language instruction is introduced and in subsequent grades the amount of English instruction is increased. Upon graduation from secondary school, the student is expected to be functionally bilingual. The curriculum for subjects taught in French is the same as in the regular English program. An Immersion program means that French is not only the medium in which subjects are taught, but it is also the means of communication
between pupils and teacher in the classroom and, as much as possible, beyond the classroom. Research and experience show that early Immersion leads to highest fluency in French while maintaining levels of competency in English Reading and Math.


  • SK- Gr. 1 All classroom instruction is in French. *
  • Gr. 2-3 French Language, Math, The Arts, Social Studies, Science, Health * (English introduced in grade 2- an average of 45 minutes a day)
  • Gr. 4-5 French Language, Math, The Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health * (English an average of 60 minutes a day)
  • *Approximately 30 minutes daily of instruction in subjects such as Music, Physical Education, Computers or Library may occur in English.
  • More information about the HWDSB French Immersion Program

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