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Last updated on Friday, February 26, 2016.

Bell Times

8:45 AM - 3:05 PM

French Immersion

French Immersion is available.


EQAO Results

Child Care

Visit our child care website.


Mark Tadeson - 905.560.6630 | Email Mark Tadeson


Jeff Gillies - 905.527.5092 x 2361 | E-mail Jeff Gillies


Todd White - 289.237.1644 | E-mail Todd White

School Council Chair

Liz Cooke

Administrative Office Staff

Mrs. Dalimonte

Our School

Glen Echo is located in East Hamilton. The school was built in 1962 and next spring (April 2012), we are excited to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary. Keep a watch as more information will be coming in the new year. The school serves 320 students from about 15 different language groups.  The predominant language spoken is English followed by Serbian and Croatian. We draw students from Strathearne Avenue East through Stoney Creek and from the mountain brow to Lake Ontario.  Glen Echo is a dual track school with approximately 50% of our students in French Immersion Classes.  Glen Echo shares the same campus with Glen Brae Middle School and Glendale Secondary School.  The Umbrella of Family and Child Centres operates a before and after school childcare program at Glen Echo.

In the last few years, the school has emphasized literacy, numeracy and health and safety (Social Skills, Nutrition Program and Peer Mediation).  Our school focus is Literacy and as a Professional Learning Community we have been working within the HWDSB Literacy Guidelines to achieve a balanced literacy program in every classroom.  In support of this focus, this is our third year as a Literacy Project School.  Parental involvement is a critical piece, as well, with our school-wide Take Home Reading Program.

Our dedicated staff, with the help of parent volunteers, provide many extra-curricular activities: cross-country, swim team, track and field, school musicals-multi-cultural, choir, violin/piano, recorder club, office announcers and lunch room helpers.  Glen Echo enjoys a healthy partnership with School Council, with everyone working hard to achieve our common goals. We respect and value our diversity.

We believe our students can and will achieve and we fulfill our vision “Helping Each Other to Learn”. “Aider les autres à apprendre”

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

  • Learning Resource Teacher
  • ESL Teacher
  • Soar to Success, Early Success LLI intervention programs
  • Home Reading Program-school wide

Program Highlights

  • French Immersion SK-5
  • English Track JK-5


  • Cross Country
  • Lunch Room Helpers
  • Track & Field
  • Office Announcers
  • Swim Team                
  • Beachball Volleyball

Before/After School Program Or Activities

  • Umbrella Day Care-Before & After School Program        
  • Piano Classes        

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

Literacy:  There have been steady gains in EQAO reading scores
2003    2004    2005
25%    58%    71%

School initiatives include:

  • Early intervention (oral language development; alpha buddies, Early Success program)
  • Double dipping for Level 2 students (Early Success, Soar to Success), Learning


  • Book Rooms in English and French
  • Balanced Day Schedule to help support balanced literacy program
  • Data analysis (EQAO, DRA, GB+) to identify skills/concepts for focused instruction
  • School-wide Take Home Reading Program
  • Staff/School Council initiated curriculum nights

Numeracy:    EQAO math scores  fluctuate -(results of a small sample to be interpreted cautiously)
2003    2004    2005
39%    67%    52%

School initiatives include:

  • Data analysis (EQAO, Board assessment (grades two and five) to identify skills/concepts for focused instruction
  • LRT math support-surveys, math help for students
  • Math Room
  • Use of PRIME
  • Take Home Math Program –establish for Grades two and three 06/07
  • School Council proposal-math resources and – School Council proposal-math resources and translation
  • Staff/School Council initiated curriculum nights

Environment Focus

School initiatives: Safe Schools

  • Peer Mediation
  • Safety Patrollers
  • Character Education Skills Program

Problem-Solving/Discipline Process- (Buddy Class/Pink Sheet system)

Parent & Community Involvement


  • Hamilton Partners in Nutrition
  • Umbrella Day Care
  • D’Youville/Brock Teacher Training
  • Native Women’s Shelter
  • Canadian Parents for French
  • McMaster French Monitors Programme
  • Secondary Schools: Co-op/Parenting/Music/Drama/French Programs
  • Red Hill Library-MELD
  • Early Years-KLLIC
  • Hamilton Police department-Community Liaison Officer
  • Honda Books for Schools
  • CAS
  • Hamilton Fire Department
  • Cave Springs Camp (class trips, summer camp for referred students)
  • Piano Classes
  • Life Touch/ Entertainment Books/Pizza Bell
  • Public Health-PHN (Healthy Living, SNAC, Active Recess)


  • School Council successful proposals for math resources-Take Home Math and translation
  • Take Home Reading Program
  • School Volunteers: Milk program, SNAC, Library, Math, Trips, Fundraising, Classroom
  • School Council support for class trips, books, math material classroom equipment
  • Staff/School Council initiated Literacy/Numeracy Day
  • ”Spirit Days”