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Pet Therapy at Glendale

Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Glendale has a new, youth-led Health Action Team that will share with the school community ways we can be as healthy as possible.  This year, the team is focusing on mental well-being.  Mental well-being is how we feel about life and how we are doing in life.  When we have good mental well-being, we are better able to deal with stress and other challenges that come up.  There are five simple actions that when done regularly can boost our mental well-being.  These actions, known as the 5 Ways to Mental Well-being are:  Connect, Keep learning, Be active, Take notice and Give back.

On Monday, January 22nd during lunch, there will be a voluntary opportunity to learn about pet therapy.  Pets from St. John’s Ambulance volunteers have specific training.  Petting animals has been shown to be very calming and reduces stress.  We can “Take notice” of our feelings and “Keep learning” new ways to relax.  Being with pets is a great way we can care for our mental well-being.