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MacMillan’s Fundraiser

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MacMillan’s Fundraiser

Hi all,

We will be starting our fundraiser tomorrow.  An order form and a copy of the flyer posted below will go home between today and tomorrow.  Sales will continue until Nov 9.  On Nov 9 the money MUST be returned to the school.  Late orders will not be processed as the company has a very tight turnaround time this year.  Pick up of product will be NOVEMBER 28th, this is a change from the newsletter calendar due to the company wanting that date to deliver.  Details will follow closer to that date.

Just like last year, a free lunch will be provided to the class with highest gross total of orders in each division, Primary K-3, Junior 4-6, and Intermediate 7-8.

Questions??  Call the school.

BIG Thank you to Parent Council and the Fundraising committee for running this event!!!



Updated on Wednesday, October 04, 2017.
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