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New Entry and Exit Due To Construction

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New Entry and Exit Due To Construction

Construction is starting and you will notice we have safety fencing up around part of the school. Please read the following memo that explain the new entry and exit plan for all students:




June 2, 2017

Franklin Road P.S.

Franklin Road Community,

Awesome News! Construction is ready to begin on the new additions to our great school.  Over the next few weeks you will see a lot of preparation work happening around the school as the contractors prepare the property for construction to begin on our new three room full day daycare, new gymnasium, new Learning Commons within the old gym, expansion of the FDK playground, and renovations to create new classroom space in the old library.  Due to the nature of this work we will have to make some accommodations to entry and exits, Physical Education programming, and primary washroom access.  The following changes will occur:

  • Construction fencing will surround the area under construction and a construction trailer will be located on the Burkholder end of the property.  Please stay clear of all construction fencing and respect all construction boundaries
  • The primary boy’s bathroom will be closed till the end of the year as an emergency exit must be created through this space to be in compliance with building codes – the boys will use the washroom by the playground exit
  • All children in Grades 5-8 will use the J/I washrooms and all students (except for primary girls who will continue to use the primary girls washroom) in grades 1-4 will use the Jr. washrooms.
  • The East 27th exit and the Burkholder Exit will be closed for the duration of the construction as they will be enclosed in the construction fencing boundaries
  • Physical Education and Health will take place outside or in classrooms (health) and equipment will be stored in secure storage bins located at the Burkholder ends of the property

The following are the new entry and exit points for students:

  • For all grade 1-4 students the new entry/exit will be the playground doors out to the tarmac
  • For all Grade 5-8 students the entry/exit will be the parking lot doors
  • The front door is only for bus students

The JKSK students will enter/exit as follows:

  • Room 1 and 2 through the Kindergarten play area
  • Room 16 and 24 through the back door in room 24

To minimize confusion and disruption, please have children at school on time so they may enter with their grade groups at the bell.

Please be continually mindful of the safety of all students when dropping off and picking up children.  Please respect all NO PARKING signs and bus zones as well as respecting the property of our neighbours. We will have some wonderful new facilities to enjoy in the fall and I look forward to sharing them with all of you.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 905-388-4731.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support with this project.



Sue Neville

Principal – Franklin Road School



Updated on Tuesday, June 06, 2017.
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