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Student Barrier Fund

This program provides for the basic needs for at risk students to help alleviate the challenges and stressors surrounding the issues of financial disparity, thereby improving their potential educational outcomes.

A lack of resources means some students face uphill struggles just to have the same learning environment as their peers. They often cannot take advantage of the extra-curricular, music lessons, sporting groups, co-operative programming opportunities and clubs. And as a result these students miss out on the developmental benefits these experiences can provide. In addition, we assist with basic needs to ensure every student is fed, clothed and ready for their school day. Poverty predicts educational outcomes. The Student Barrier Fund will address these issues and help to level the playing field by supporting and funding these basic educational needs.

Schools and front line staff will identify students for support in areas of:

  • Food or groceries at school
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Dental, medical
  • School activities that bear a cost
  • Field trips
  • Basic school supplies outside of the responsibility of the school
  • Transportation in certain circumstances
  • Post-secondary application assistance

Families wishing to learn more about our support should make contact with school staff.


Find out how to donate:  Student Barriers

Schools Applying for Funding

Schools can visit myHWDSB / Foundation for the internal memo which contains more information about this funding opportunity.