School Support

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School Support Fund

Mini-grants encourage the development of unique and creative educational experiences that allow schools to enrich student achievement, while at the same time alleviating the financial burdens placed on teachers.

Twice annually schools will have the opportunity to apply for grants to subsidise costs related to innovative programming that has a direct student benefit in areas of:

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Arts and Music
  • Career Exploration
  • Environment
  • Healthy, Active Lifestyles
  • HOTS – Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Inclusion, diversity and equity
  • Life Skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Nutrition
  • Positive School Climate
  • Science and Technology
  • Special Education

If you are interested in some of the Programs that the HWDSB actively seeks funding for please visit Programs.

Grants to Schools

FULL Listing School Support. Grants 2014-2015

FULL Listing School Support. Grants 2015-2016

FULL Listing School Support. Grants 2016-2017

FULL Listing School Support. Grants 2017-2018

Schools Applying for Funding

Schools can visit myHWDSB / Foundation for the internal memo which contains more information about this funding opportunity.