Swim to Survive Registration

What's on this page?

To register your Grade 3 class or your Grade 7 class please fill in the form below.  Once this is complete you will be contacted with Teacher’s Instructions and other pertinent materials.

Q & A

Q:  Can students from a split class such as grade 2 or grade 4 also take part in the program?

A:  No.  The grant is provided for Grade 3 students or Grade 7 students only by the Lifesaving Society.

Q:  Can I book my transportation with another bus company other than Attridge?

A:  No.  Attridge provides very competitive rates for this program and is calculated into the grant submission process.

Q:  Can I book a bus even though our school is a walkable distance from the nearest City of Hamilton pool facility?

A:  No.  As part of the grant we have determined normal procedure for transportation and the grant  money reflects that.

Q:  Can staff, parents or volunteers accompany the group?

A:  Yes.  The facility provides instructors at a ratio of 1:10 but others may join in as chaperones and to ensure the outing goes smoothly and safely.  Please follow the Board’s volunteer policy and procedures.

Q:  Is this the same as the voucher program?

A:  No.  This is separate. For more information on the voucher program please contact the HWDSB  Athletics Department.

Q:  My student’s cultural or religious restrictions mean they must swim with only same sex.  Can you accommodate this?

A:  Yes.  Please make arrangements with recreation facility.

Q:  My student has distinct clothing restrictions, is this a problem?

A:  No.  Please ensure any clothing worn in the pool is not too loose or baggy.

Q:  My special needs student requires more assistance, can you accommodate?

A:  Yes.  Please identify your need when making arrangements with recreation facility.

Q:  Are there any additional expenses I might face?

A:  No.  This program is funded by the HWDSB Foundation, the Lifesaving Society and the City of Hamilton Recreation Dept and valued at $29.55 per student or $885.00 for a class of 30. 

Swim to Survive Registration