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2017 – 2018

Home & School Agendas and Meeting Minutes

It is with excitement and gratitude that we announce our Executive team for Fessenden Home and School Association 2017/18 year. Shannon Holmes Shedden will be our President, Alaina Evans will be her Co-Chair Vice President, Craig Wardrop will be our Treasurer and we are still hoping to have someone show interest in being our Secretary.  Mike Bell will be our Membership Coordinator and we are still looking for a Lunch Coordinator for Thursdays. We are looking forward to an amazing year filled with fun and memories for our children!

We can be reached at:


H&S Meeting Minutes – February 22 2018
H&S Meeting Minutes – January 18 2018 (1)

Happy Hearts Day!

Hello Fessenden families!

We are so looking forward to our annual Valentines Day Cake Raffle on Wednesday.  We can’t wait to see all the yummy creative treats.  Please bring all nut free cakes, cupcakes, cookies and treats with your child on Wednesday morning. Each child will receive 1 free ballot and others can be bought for .50 each or 5 for $2.00.  Tickets are available in your child’s classroom.

Please bring your creations in containers you don’t want back or label the container with your child’s name and classroom on it so we can return it.

Thanks so much
Your Fessenden Home and School Association Team

Winter Edition of our Newsletter 2018

Hello Fessenden Families,

Your Fessenden Home and School Association brings you our “Winter Edition of our Newsletter 2018”.  Here you will find updates on where we have spent funds, information on upcoming events, how you can help out or volunteer and some local business swag that hopefully interest you.  A big shout out to those who helped to put this newsletter together and those who have volunteered during our Fall events!  We look forward to seeing you at our next events.  Our next newsletter will be our “Spring Edition 2018”.

Fessenden Home and School Team

Home and School Newsletter 1Fesseden

Home and School Agenda Sept 21 meeting


Good Day Fessenden staff, families and friends!

We are very excited about our first Home and School Association meeting for this 2017/18 year this Thursday September 21st from 7:00-8:00pm.  The meeting will take place in the Learning Commons and will follow the School Council meeting.
Please note that there will be a Volunteers Orientation Session at 5:00pm.
Annual Home and School Membership fee is $15 and it covers you for insurance for all events that we host.
Getting involved feels good!!!
We hope to see you all there.
HS septSchool Poster Small (2)

Updated on Thursday, April 19, 2018.
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