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Last updated on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

Prepared by Social Work Services of the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

Internet Resources

Bullying discussion paper prepared for the Hamilton Community Foundation

Strategies for Victims


Award winning international bullying forum, bullying.org.


Related Resources available at the Hamilton Public Library

Bullies and Victims: Helping your children through the schoolyard battlefield
Fried, SueEllen.
New York: M. Evans and Company:1996

How to handle bullies, teasers, and other meanies: A book that takes the nuisance out of name-calling and other nonsense
Cohen-Posey, Kate.
Highland City, Fla:Rainbow Books:1995 Bullies and

Dealing with Teasing
Adams, Lisa K.
New York: Rosen Publishing Group’s Powerkids Press: 1997

Sticks and Stones: 7 ways your child can deal with teasing, conflict and other hard times
Cooper, Scott.
New York: Times Books: 2000

Battling the Schoolyard Bully
Zarzour, Kim.(1st edition)

Don’t pick on me: How to handle bullying
Stones, Rosemary
Markham, Ontario:Pembroke Publishers: 1993

Face the Schoolyard Bully: How to raise an assertive child in an aggressive world
Zarzour, Kim.
Toronto: Firefly Books: 2000

The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander
Coloroso, Barbara.
Toronto: Harper Collins: 2002

The Bully free Classroom: Over 100 tips and strategies for teachers
Beane, Allan.
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Free Spirit Publishing: 1999

The Anti-bullying Handbook
Sullivan, Keith.
New York: Oxford University Press: 2000

The Parents Book about Bullying: Changing the course of your child’s life
Voors, William.
Center City, Minnesota: Hazledon

Dealing with Bullying
Johnstone, Marianne.
New York: Powerkids Press: 1996

And Words Can Hurt Forever: How to protect adolescents from bullying, harassment and emotional violence
Garbino, James, deLara, Ellen.
New York: Free Press: 2002

Talking about Bullying
Powell, Jillian.
Austin, Texas: Raintree-Steck Vaughn: 1997

Cliques: 8 Steps to Help Your Child Survive the Social Jungle
Gianetti, C.Sagarese,M.
New York: Brodway Books: 2001

Resources Available in Bookstores

Bullies Area a Pain in the Brain
Romain, Trevor.
Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing: 1997

Keys to Dealing with Bullies
McNamara, Barry E.
Hauppauge, N.Y.: Baron’s Educational Series: 1997

Childhood Bullying and Teasing: What school personnel, other professionals and parents can do
Ross, Dorthea M.
Alexandria, VA: American Counselling Association: 1996

Bullying at School: What we know and what we can do
Olweus, Daniel.
Oxford: Blackwell Publishers: 1993

Bye-bye Bully: A kid’s guide for dealing with bullies
Jackson, J.S.
Abbey Press: 2000

Sticks and Stones: A parent’s and teacher’s guide to prevent bullying
McEwen, Blaine.
W Publishers: 2002

Sanders, Pete:
Millbrook Press, Inc.: 1996

Powell, Jillian.
Austin Texas: Raintree-Steck Vaughn: 1995

Your Child: Bully or Victim-Understanding and ending schoolyard tyranny
Sheras, Peter.
Simon and Schuster: 2002

Easing the Teasing: Helping your child deal with name-calling, verbal ridicule and bullying.
Freedman, Judy
Contemporary Books Inc.: 2002

Aggression and Bullying
Guerini, Suzanne.
Blackwell Publishers: 200

Bullying: Effective Strategies for Long Term Change
Sharp, S.Thompson, D.Arora, T
Routledge Falmer: 2002

Bullies, Targets and Wintesses: Helping Children Break the Pain Chain
Fried, S.
M.Evans and Company Inc.: 2003

Bullying in Schools and What to do About It
Rigby, K.
Pembroke Publishers: 1998

Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers
Sharp, S.Smith, P.
Routledge, Chapman and Hall: 1994

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me? A Guide to Handling Bullies
T.Weatherhill: 1999

How to Handle a Bully
Palomares, S.
Jalmar Press: 2002

Manuals available in the Board Library

COPEing with Conflict at School-The Collaborative Student Mediation Project Manual
Charles E. Cunningham, Lesley J. Cunningham, Vince Martorelli.
Child and Family Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences: 2001

Bully proofing Your School: A Comprehensive Approach for Elementary Schools
C. Garrity, K. Jens, W. Porter, N. Sager, C.Short-Camilli
Longmont, Colorado: Sopris West: 1997

Lion’s Quest Series:
Working it Out (K-6)
Working Toward Peace (6-8)
Promoting Peace and Preventing Violence for Teens and Young Adults (7-12)

Lion’s-Quest Canada
515 Dotzert Court
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 6A7

Second Step: Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program
Committee for Children
568 First Avenue South
Suite 600
Seattle, Washington

Viewpoints-A Guide to Decision Making for Adolescents
Nancy Guerra, Ann Moore, Ronald Slaby.
Champaign Illinois: Research Press: 1995

Peer Mediation: Conflict Resolution in Schools
Fred Schrumpf, Donna Crawford, H. Chu Usadel.
Champaign Illinois: Research Press: 1991

Mediation: Getting to Win Win
Fran Schmid.
Miami Florida: Peace Education Foundation, Inc.

Creative Conflict Resolution: More Than 200 Activities for Keeping Peace in the Classroom
William J. Kreider.
Glenview Illinois: Scott, Foresman and Company: 1984

Peace Making Skills for Little Kids
Fran Schmidt, Alice Friedman
Peace Education Foundation, Inc.: 1993

Young Peacemakers Project Book
K. Fry-Miller, J. Myers-Walls
Elgin, Illinois: Brethren Press: 1988