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2015-16 Budget

Last updated on Wednesday, June 08, 2016.

Dundana School Council budget as of June 8, 2016.

How the Dundana School Council Allocates Funding

All monies raised through activities at the school go into a single account called School Generated Funds. This includes monies from activities not organized by the council, such as pizza days.

Allocation of funding from this account must be approved by the Dundana School Council, while the school principal authorizes the issuing of individual cheques.

Typically, the council prepares the budget for the school year at the October meeting. This includes an approval to fund the annual allocations for school agendas, the grade five graduation party, apples for Terry Fox day, ribbons for track and field day, among others. The council also allocates funding over the course of the year to cover expenditures for events (such as Valentine’s Day Dance-athon). In addition, the council fund raises for multi-year projects and allocates funds for its current project as appropriate.

Approval is achieved through the common process of motioning, seconding, debate and voting.

The current multi-year project is to enhance art, music and drama at the school. Funding for this has been approved for the purchase of a sound system, ukeleles and performances by Mighty Music Makers, Tribal Vision Dance, Dufflebag Theatre and Djacko Backo