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Dr. J Seaton
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Dec 11-15

End of November Assembly

Shelter in Place Drill

Dec 1-8 reminders

Nov 20-24

Pizza Day Volunteers

Christmas Planters

Subway Orders Due by Nov. 27

Nov 13-17

Wood and Tires Needed

Water Testing for Lead Results

School Store Now Open

Nov 6-10

Gr. 3/4 Costumes

Staff Costumes

Gr. 7/8A Costumes

Gr. 1 Costumes

Gr. 5/6 Costumes

Kindergarten Costumes

Gr. 2/3 Costumes

Grade 4 Gifted Testing

Oct 2-6 Updates and Reminders

School Council Meeting

Message from the New Principal

Ticks in outside areas

Bomb Threat Awareness

Hamilton Tax Help

Letter to School Communities

Letter to School Communities

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