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Grade 5 Entrepreneurial Group Community Fundraiser

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Grade 5 Entrepreneurial Group Community Fundraiser

Our Grade 5 Entrepreneurial Group will be ‘popping’ into classrooms on Wednesday, April 12, serving fresh, delicious Kernals Butter Salt Popcorn for $2.00.  (Limit of one 3-cup serving per student).

$1.00 Buttons will be sold for an opportunity to PAY IT FORWARD, ensuring that every student who wants popcorn will get some.

Please REDUCE and RECYCLE!  Bring your own reusable container and we’ll let you “dress-up” your popcorn!

Money will be collected in advance of the pop-up shop until Friday, April 7.

All proceeds will be donated to 541 Eatery and Exchange, a Hamilton business that uses their space and proceeds from food sales to facilitate educational community initiatives such as a homework club, a youth employment program and other skills training opportunities.


Updated on Tuesday, April 04, 2017.
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