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Facility Sponsorship

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The purpose of the sponsorship application process is to permit, promote and encourage mutually beneficial educational partnerships and sponsorships between schools or the Board and the larger community. The sponsorship application process will provide a mechanism by which a sponsorship between the Board and a community organization, business or agency may be accepted, reviewed and approved for implementation. The sponsorship may be in the form of funds, equipment, materials, building/renovation or services.


  • Sponsorships: The provision of funds, equipment, materials, building/renovation or services in exchange for some form of product recognition and/or exclusivity for a specified period of time in a specified location (e.g. promotional materials, etc.).
  • Partnerships: Mutually beneficial and supportive arrangements between the Board and business, labour and community agencies.

Guiding Principles:

The Board and schools will promote partnership and sponsorship relationships which

  • Are consistent with the Board’s vision, mission, values and strategic directions.
  • Remain within the authority of the Board
  • Protect the health and safety of students
  • Are appropriate for the school environment
  • Allocate resources to complement and not replace public funding for education
  • Encourage the promotion of educational opportunities in an equitable manner for all students
  • Adhere to the Board’s current audit, safety, facility, construction and tendering policies, procedures and standards
  • Ensure that the products and services of any business sponsoring activities are environmentally safe and/or consistent with a healthy lifestyle
  • Include consultation with the community
  • Are acknowledged in a tasteful and appropriate manner
  • Facilitate positive relationships and cooperation between education, business and the community
  • Do not provide competing education services (e.g. tutoring services, JK-12 private schools or private colleges, or credit offering entities that are not government-funded will not be accepted as sponsorships)

Application Procedure

  1. Receipt of Sponsorship Application:The Manager of Partnership and Community Engagement receives sponsorship application.
  2. Screening of Sponsorship Application: Guiding Principlesa) The Manager of Partnership and Community Engagement reviews the sponsorship application to determine if the application meets the Guiding Principles listed above.b) If approved, the sponsorship application is presented to the following:
    • Superintendent of Student Achievement for the school listed on the sponsorship application
    • Facilities Management
    • Business Services
    • Community Engagement
    • Other departments as determined by the Manager of Partnership and Community Engagement
  3. Review of Sponsorship Application: Impact Statements Regarding Viability of ProjectEach department listed above, in number two, will review the sponsorship application and develop an impact statement regarding the proposed project. The impact statements will be developed on the basis of guiding questions to determine the short-term and long-term implications of proceeding with the application.
    • Superintendent of Student Achievement (e.g. principal and school council input, impact on students, review of enrolment projections, impact on current school activities, etc.)
    • Facilities Management (e.g. impact on utility costs, costs of maintenance, condition of existing structure, etc.)
    • Business Services (e.g. impact on Risk Management and Procurement/Contracts)
    • Community Engagement (e.g. impact on community)
  4. RecommendationEach department providing an impact statement will make a recommendation to Operations Sub-Committee
    • To proceed without concerns
    • To proceed, including a plan to address or mitigate impacts
    • Not to proceed
  5. DecisionOperations Sub-Committee will make the final decision regarding approval of the Sponsorship Application.

If you have more questions about facility sponsorship, please contact April Morganti, Manager, Partnership & Community Engagement at 905-527-5092 extension 2661 .

Updated on Tuesday, July 07, 2015.
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