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Culture & Diversity

Hamilton is a thriving, vibrant place for arts, culture, and heritage where diversity and inclusivity are embraced and celebrated.

Our Future Hamilton is a vibrant place where...

  • People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are accepted and celebrated.
  • There is always something to do in Hamilton, with a year-round calendar of events and a thriving local arts scene.
  • All of our downtown areas are bustling centres of economic and community activity.
  • People of all backgrounds, ages and abilities call Hamilton home and have access to the support and opportunities they need to succeed.

'Best fit' City services include:

  • Cultural Development
  • Heritage Resource Management

Other Services that support Culture and Diversity include

  • Recreational Facility Booking and Access
  • Recreational Program Delivery
  • Tourism Development
  • Animal Services
  • School Crossing Guards
  • Child Care Management
  • Life Skills and Case Management
  • Heritage Asset Management
  • Best Start Initiative
  • Real Property Management
  • Business Development
  • Urban Renewal
  • Cemeteries
  • Horticultural Programs
  • Business Licensing
  • Corporate Initiatives (NAS)
  • Access & Equity
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Museum Virtual Tours.

Explore over 130 panoramic scenes, 650 clickable hotspots and audio navigation from your classroom or mobile device. Move through the Museums, zoom in on details and experience the Museums as if you were there!

What is Culture?

Cultural Plan

This video is a conversation starter about culture in Hamilton. In Hamilton, we are on the heels of a cultural policy and on the brink of a cultural plan. At the same time, the city is undergoing a cultural renaissance.

The JUNO Awards – Hamilton Music Crawl TURN IT ON

A great look back at a truly amazing week in Hamilton. When the JUNO Awards came to Hamilton in March 2015, the city helped welcome the national music awards with an electrifying Music Crawl featuring 60 local acts at venues across the city’s downtown core in a unique celebration of Hamilton’s incredible music scene.

Boy running

The Secrets Out

Prepare to discover a Hamilton you don’t know. Tourism Hamilton’s new video #SecretsOut lets viewers in on the incredible beauty of a city on the rise. Look deeper, listen closer, and discover a city that’s sure to surprise you. Find out what we’ve known all along.

City of Hamilton Arts Awards

Arts Awards

Held annually the first week in June (Arts Week). The awards event is free to attend (tickets available in May).

Art of children playing with pebbles on a beach

Tour the Public Art Collection Online

As of November 2016, the Public Art Collection included over 30 installations across the city owned and maintained by the City of Hamilton. These artworks range from murals to sculptures and works integrated into local streetscapes.

Love your city

Hamilton: Love Your City

In Hamilton Ontario we are on the brink of a cultural renaissance - there is so much to love about our great city! Spectacular natural playgrounds, history and heritage abound and the arts are thriving like never before!

Eagles Among Us

When the Eagles Among Us by artist David M. General

Ken Coit hired a filmmaker to interview the artist, film the piece etc. This City of Hamilton public artwork, in particular, speaks to embracing diversity, peace and reconciliation.

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