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Community Engagement & Participation

Hamilton has an open, transparent and accessible approach to City government that engages with and empowers all citizens to be involved in their community.

Our Future Hamilton is a collaborative place where...

  • People work together and make a positive impact on the community
  • Citizens are consulted and involved in making the decisions that impact them
  • A passion and sense of pride for the city exists among residents, driving volunteerism and community-based initiatives

'Best fit' City services include:

  • Access & Equity
  • Citizen & Customer Service
  • Information Management Records
  • Strategic Communications
  • Council – Legislative Support
  • Council Relations
  • Municipal Election Management
  • Vital Statistics Administration
  • Best Start Initiative
Presentation outside City Hall

Public Engagement Charter

Engagement Charter created by the City and residents to ensure residents are included in changes to their city that impact them.

City Hall from above

Our Future Hamilton

Residents were asked what they wanted their city to look like in 25 years.

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