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Cecil B. Stirling

Principal’s Message

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Principal’s Message

Welcome to C.B. Stirling where the ROAD TO AWESOME is paved by our community!

C aring

B ravery

S trength

T rust

I ntegrity

R esilience

L earning

I nquiry

N urturing

G ratuity

Our goals this year will be about focusing on what makes us great and spreading that throughout the community. Our students have embraced the Road to Awesome as it is presented by Kid President and soul pancake. It stresses being positive, caring for one another, celebrating the things that make us unique and giving the world a reason to dance! I encourage families to look on this website for entertaining lessons and videos. We also have a number of books titled The Guide To Being Awesome that we are happy to loan to families who are interested.

C.B.Stirling includes everybody!

What does this mean to us?

1. Partnering with our families to understand students as completely as we can. To that end, we want to see caring adults feeling comfortable walking in our doors and partnering with the education professionals who spend so much time with your children.

2. Making every minute of learning count is key. It is the job of educators to assess student needs and strive to help each child walk their unique path to success. We work on determining student needs with solid tools and make sure that we – as education professionals – have the knowledge and skills to meet our students where they are and learn together.

3. Use words carefully. Research and experience show the power of words is directly linked to student safety and sense of belonging. Adults and children must learn together and, without judgement, understand why choosing positive and caring words is essential to a safe and inclusive school environment.

I hope to continue to have conversations with every stakeholder connected to C.B. Stirling in our quest to provide a school culture that is focused on making sure we truly include, respect and keep everybody safe.

Rhonda Lennie-Garnier

Updated on Monday, September 11, 2017.
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