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Cathy Wever
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Bell Times

8:10 AM - 2:30 PM


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Child Care

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Judith Ngan


Jane Macpherson - 905.527.5092 x 2626 | E-mail Jane Macpherson


Larry Pattison - 289.689.2870 | E-mail Larry Pattison

School Council Chairs

Sarah Sirkett

Administrative Office Staff

Laura Milmine, Shannon Langille

Our School

Cathy Wever Elementary School opened in September 2006. Our school is named after the late Officer Cathy Wever. Cathy Wever worked tirelessly with community members to offer youth of this neighbourhood, free after-school programs. She was the driving force behind the community partnerships and strong after-school programs enjoyed by hundreds of students today. After a brief battle with cancer Cathy Wever passed away in January 2001. The community wished to recognize her efforts by naming the new school after her. Cathy Wever Elementary School students are committed to representing our name sake well. Cathy Wever Elementary School provides students with a balanced approach to the Ontario curriculum. With consideration to the whole child, student achievement is enhanced through careful attention to a healthy, active lifestyle. All students take part in vigorous daily physical activity in our Fitness Centre or gymnasium. We also provide every student with a healthy nutritious snack each morning which includes selections from three different food groups. We believe that student achievement will improve if we engage our students in a healthy, active life-style. Cathy Wever Elementary School together with the Norman Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre now form the Wever Community Hub. Our Hub provides our students with before and after school care through our Umbrella Family Daycare and a variety of after-school homework clubs, as well as education for parents around nutritious food preparation and parenting under the leadership of our public health nurse. The availability of the Community Healthy Bus each week and the Free professional Head Lice advice and treatment clinic offered weekly in the school are other ways in which we are assisting our families with embracing a healthy lifestyle. Remedial instruction after school in literacy and numeracy and the offering of a variety of free after-school recreational activities in co-operation with the Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre are an integral part of the Cathy Wever School experience. We currently provide after-school activities to 150 students each day through the Wever Hub. At Cathy Wever Elementary School we believe that in co-operation with our community partners we can improve student achievement through the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle for our students and their families. Very generous funding to provide these special programs comes from the United Way, the Rotary Club of Hamilton, RBC, the Hamilton Community Foundation and the Hamilton Golf and Country Club.

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

We employ one full time and one half time English as a Second Language Teacher for our New Canadians to help them to assimilate to life in Canada and develop their english skills. We offer an All Star Reading Program-with volunteer support from the Rotary Club of Hamilton to our struggling readers. The Virtual “Y” Homework Club sponsored by the YMCA operates each day after school servicing a total of 80 students. The Friends of Rachel Girls Leadership Group is lead by a group of dedicated E.A.s and teachers. Our students can take part in the Boys Book Club or the Girls Book Club. Daily Physical Activity with fully trained staff in our Fitness Centre or Gymnasium is offered to every student every day focused on personal fitness. Committed volunteers prepare a daily Nutritious Snack program for every student everyday, ensuring students and fed and ready to learn. Special Support Staff include a Literacy Improvement Project Teacher on site in addition to a System Resource Teacher and half time Math Facilitator Each term we host Child and Youth Worker students from Mohawk College to assist with student activities throughout the school. REACH one on one counseling sponsored by Dawn Patrolis offered to a select group of students. A Boys Leadership Group offered by a Mohawk College instructor to help our boys to be good respectable citizens. An After-School Scholar’s Class for grade 3 and 6 students to prepare them the EQAO test is offered in the winter term. Empower Hour ELL Social Development Group is offered to our new Canadians to help them to understand the Canadian culture. Our School Social Worker is with us two days per week to help with attendance issues and social emotional issues that impact student learning. SWISH worker from Settlement and Immigration Services A new Leveled Literacy Intervention Program is offered to grade 1 and 2 struggling readers. The Empower Literacy Intervention Program is offered to grade 2 and 3 struggling readers. We also have an On-site Speech Pathologist working with our grade one speech and language class as well as other students with speech and language concerns.

Program Highlights

Basketball Academy: Cathy Wever offers a resident basketball academy to students in grade 7 & 8. We have one grade 7/8 class that begins each day with a one hour session in the gymnasium with their Basketball instructor. In this hour the students develop basketball skills but also focus on goal setting, leadership and many other skills outlined through our partnership program with Basketball Canada. The basketball focus carries into the students literacy and numeracy wherever possible and has been an enormous success in terms of student achievement, attendance and leadership skills. Fitness and Wellness Academy: Students at Cathy Wever are all involved in the Fitness and Wellness Academy where our certified instructor encourages healthy active lifestyles in our full equipped fitness centre. We use polar watches to monitor student heart rate and establish a target heart rate zone for students to strive to work within. A computer generated print-out will determine how much time our students are working within their target heart rate, enabling the student and instructor to know the level of effort that has been exerted and where improvements may be needed. TRIBES Learning Community: All staff at Cathy Wever are trained in the TRIBES learning process to promote a positive school culture and incorporate active, collaborative learning into our instructional day. Our school follows the four TRIBES agreements 1. Mutual Respect 2. Appreciations Only; No put-downs 3. Right to Participate/ Pass 4. Attentive Listening Several Staff have been trained in Restorative Justice practices which share many of the commitments from the TRIBES process. Both programs promote a greater sense of community and acceptance through collaborative problem solving and learning. Our Safe Schools Committee is working actively to weave these two philosophies into the Cathy Wever School Culture. Daily Physical Activity for all students often with fully trained experts in either the fully equipped fitness centre or the gymnasium helps student achievement by improving overall fitness and wellness. Comprehensive Literacy for all grade classes is delivered daily, including Guided Reading Instruction for all students at least 3 times weekly. Assistive technology is used in all classes to enhance our curriculum delivery as well as to support at-risk or learning disabled students to complete class work. We have an EA Student Mentorship program to support at-risk grade 7 students through Social Justice themes and problem solving activities. Camp Wanakita camping experience is available to all grade 8 students for a fee of $20.00 through the efforts and support of the Wever Hub. Cathy Wever School aims limit the transitions for classes allowing for students to connect with their core teacher and avoid unnecessary movement throughout the instructional day. Our school is structured to have grade teams working together such that teachers plan the curriculum and delivery for all classes of the same grade. This also includes common assessment practices across the grade team. Following the Teaching-Learning Critical Pathways method of instruction, our school is always in a TLCP cycle. This includes a diagnostic assessment of the student work based on the focus expectations. Several weeks of teaching the expectations followed by formative assessments mid way through the cycle to determine what areas the student still requires support in and finally a culminating task to evaluate the student’s achievement of the focus expectations. SMARTBOARD Instruction: All of our core classes from grade 3 to grade 8 are equipped with SMARTBOARDS. SMARTBOARD technology is a leading edge educational tool, allowing teachers to access the internet in all subject areas and also use a wealth of educational tools associated with the technology. This technology allows for greater student engagement and involvement in their own learning. All of our teachers are trained in the use of the Basic SMARTBOARD applications as well as the use of SMARTBOARD technology in the delivery of our Comprehensive Literacy Program. We have an on-site grade one Speech and Language Class to support students with Speech and/or Language challenges. We also house a Grade 6-8 Comprehensive Intellectual Class KLICK intervention Program is used for Kindergarten literacy improvement along with the delivery of the Class Act program. Levelled Literacy Intervention program is available for grade 1 and 2 students who are struggling readers. The EMPOWER intervention Program is offered for grade 2 and 3 struggling readers. After School Scholars Program is offered for grade 3 & 6 students to better prepare them for the annual EQAO assessment. Rotary Club Summer Literacy Program is offered to approximately 7000 students throughout the summer months.


Checkers Club In-door soccer Club (Hamilton Fire-Fighters Boys Book Club Girls Book Club Friends of Rachel Girls Club Bay Area Science Fair Club Cheer-leading Boys leadership Career Day Activities Terry Fox Day Run Your Butt Off anti-tobacco 5 km run

Before / After School Program or Activities

Free Virtual “Y” Homework Club for students in grade 1-5 Basketball, volleyball, baseball, cross country, track and field and swim extra-curricular teams operate at both the junior and intermediate division School Band and Choirs run throughout the year Many free after-school programs are offered at the Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre through the Wever Hub including, sports, leadership, computer, literacy, arts, cooking, music, science activities completely free of charge to students from grade 2-8.

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

Literacy improvement is our focus at Cathy Wever Elementary through focused classroom instruction always having students in a Teaching Learning Critical Pathway. Literacy intervention programs are offered to students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 who are struggling readers. Special Speech and Language Class for grade 1 Students Special Comprehensive Intellectual Class grade 6-All-Star Reading program Guided Reading Instruction at all grade levels Frequent monitoring of student achievement using Diagnostic Reading Assessments. Virtual “Y” homework club supporting literacy initiatives After School Scholars support program. Rotary Club Summer Reading Program

Environment Focus

TRIBES Learning Community is at the centre of our school culture, focusing on Mutual Respect for all members in the school community, promotion of classrooms set up into community TRIBES encouraging all children to have a voice and be valued. Monthly TRIBES assemblies are presented by each class to promote the TRIBES agreements and to showcase how our students are using their TRIBES skills. An In-School Student Support Room where our EA Student Mentor works with individuals and groups to establish positive social behaviours and problem solve student conflict working to keep all students in school, positively facing and resolving their issues. We have a Peer Mediation Program for Primary and Junior Students beginning in January. The Wever Hub offers free after-school recreational activities to 200 students daily. Also activities related to science, homework, leadership, literacy, computer, art, resume writing, employment support etc. are all offered completely free of charge. After-School Homework clubs,daily nutritious snack program run by parent volunteers and funded through the efforts of the Wever Hub are offered each day. Our Community Kitchen has parent volunteers preparing daily nutritious snacks for every student everyday. A Mom and Me group meets once per month for dinner and movie to promote family values and involvement. Family Movie Nights for families are offered several times per year.

Parent & Community Involvement


School Council meets monthly and values our community representation on our Council. Wever Hub is a group of people who work on initiatives that support a healthy, active, vibrant community. Numerous parent representatives attend the monthly meetings along with representatives from community organizations and agencies. The goals of this group are: develop a greater sense of community, provide daily nutritious snacks for the school and recreation centre and provide a variety of FREE after-school programs for all students everyday. Any interested parent is welcome to join the advisory committee to provide in-put into the direction of the work of this committee. We have the following: Parent beading class. Parent cooking class. Parent sewing class. Mom and me dinner and movie once per month. Family Movie Nights. All Star Reading. Femme Fit Mother’s Fitness Class. Wever Celebrates, large community celebration held in October each year. Rotary Christmas Dinner provides a full turkey dinner with all of the trimmings to all students and staff. Snuggle Up and Read Evening event. Friends of Rachel group leadership arranges on-going acts of kindness to the school and community. North End Idol, a fun event held in partnership with the Hamilton Police in memory of Officer Cathy Wever. Mom to Mom Sales twice per year Cathy Wever School Shirt Buy-back program


Parent involvement is encouraged in our Community Room. From this kitchen parent volunteers prepare a daily nutritious snack for all of our 650 students. Our public health nurse offers “Cooking on a Budget” Thursday mornings in the community kitchen for parents of our students Mom and Me dinner and movie nights are held monthly.Family Movie nights are hosted several times per year. Mother’s beading, sewing, knitting groups are offered and parenting courses are offered next door at the recreation centre. Parents are welcome to volunteer to be an All Star Reading coach. Parents are invited to attend our monthly celebration assemblies and any additional performances advertised in our school newsletter Many of our classrooms benefit from the assistance of parent volunteers. Please speak to your child’s teacher to express your interest in being a classroom volunteer. Parents are welcome to join our School Council for in-put into the many activities happening in our school and to benefit from shared information. Parents are also welcome to join the Wever Hub, to support community and school activities and volunteer to offer new and creative activities for our parents both in the school and the community.

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