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Last updated on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

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9:00 AM - 3:20 PM


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Buchanan Park Public School is located between Garth and West 5th Street and Mohawk Road and Fennell Avenue, abutting Buchanan Park in Hamilton, Ontario. The school was built in 1960 and now serves 175 students.

The staff and our community work as a team to provide a wide variety of special events at Buchanan Park School. We will begin our twenty-fourth opera season with this year’s production. Our team strives for excellence and believes that academic improvement and accountability are worthwhile goals.

Character Traits, 2017-2018


“Bee” Smart! “Bee” Active! “Bee” Involved! We’ve chosen the “Bee”  theme to support our efforts to improve Social/Learning Skills here at Buchanan Park.  It’s particularly appropriate for us here at Buchanan Park, because in addition to being a “busy” school, we also feel that there is a strong sense of purpose to all the activity.  We want our students to work effectively in a calm, safe learning community where everyone is able to put forth their best effort.  In fact, bees are known to live in busy, purposeful societies.  Bees carry out a variety of activities throughout their lifetimes and they work collaboratively.  We aim to help our students develop balanced skills learned through participation in a variety of experiences.