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Parkdale warming hands and hearts with Tree of Warmth

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Parkdale warming hands and hearts with Tree of Warmth

The note is simple and kind: “This hat and scarf were made with much love to keep you warm. Hoping today is a wonderful day.”

Debbie Connon and Parkdale’s Tree of Warmth. 

That was the message on the hat and scarf set knitted by Debbie Connon, educational assistant at Parkdale, for the school’s Tree of Warmth. The set sits snugly on the tree beside dozens of other mittens, scarves and hats.

The Tree of Warmth, which Connon began 14 years ago, encourages parents and students to make donations in the form of hats, scarves and mittens to help those in need stay cozy throughout the season.

Connon explained that a majority of the items are knitted by parents, and students become a key aspect in the process.

“When students bring in their donation, they are asked to place the items on the tree so that they feel part of the giving,” Connon explained. “Not only is the school giving back to the community, but the tree gives our parents and students something to be proud of.”

Connon even offers wool donated from a local supplier to parents who would like to contribute, but don’t have the supplies to do so. This year, their donations are being made to the Native Women’s Centre and Inasmuch House.

After 27 hardworking years as an EA, Connon will be retiring this June.

She hopes that the spirit of giving will be kept alive, and that Parkdale will continue to contribute to the community through the Tree of Warmth.

Updated on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.
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