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Celebrating Black History Month at City Hall

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Celebrating Black History Month at City Hall

black history eventHamilton’s Black History Month kickoff honoured more than a community that deserves praise and respect – it highlights the importance of education and including this history in schools.

Hosted by the Hamilton Black History Committee, the official launch at City Hall included keynote speakers and performers such as City Councillor Matthew Green, the McMaster University Gospel Choir, Mayor Fred Eisenberger, and many more.

With a theme of moving forward, committee co-chair Kathryn Crooks said the celebration mattered because “we must remember the past, yes, but we must focus on the hope for the future – an occasion for open dialogue.”

Her statement aligns with the work HWDSB schools embrace regarding inclusion and global education. Hamilton is becoming increasingly diverse and is improving its ability to celebrate this diversity, as well as work for safe, welcoming and accepting schools for all students – our future leaders.

Dorian, a boy who spoke at the event and is related to Viola Desmond, said “it is my hope that more students in Canada will learn about Black History Month.” HWDSB has created learning opportunities to do so, while promoting inclusion as a fundamental belief.

Inclusion can begin with understanding, as it did at the City Hall launch, as a keen audience celebrated black culture through eloquent speeches, the deep truths of poetry and the rhythm of a drum.

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To be part of the 2019 Black History Month launch, please contact Louise Noel-Ambrose at eventobepr@gmail.com


Updated on Tuesday, February 06, 2018.
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