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Last updated on Friday, December 15, 2017.

Bell Times

8:30 AM - 2:50 PM


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Paul Clemens - 905.628.9444 | Email Paul Clemens


Barb McVittie


Michael Prendergast - 905.527.5092 x 2626 | E-mail Michael Prendergast


Greg Van Geffen - 289.339.6328 | E-mail Greg Van Geffen

2017-2018 School Council Executive

Co-Chairs-Melissa Slote / Tanya Brouwer

Secretary—Danielle Pearce

Treasurer—Cathy Veldman

Community Liaison– Jennifer Burgess


Administrative Office Staff

Krista Maxemiuk

Our School

Beverly Central Public School, located in Flamborough at 1346 4th Concession Road West officially opened its doors in 1959. The school is a one floor building situated on a rural road surrounded by a farm, a golf course and a few homes. The catchment for the school encompasses the rural communities of Rockton, Westover and Lynden.

The current enrollment  at Beverly Central School is just under 200 students from JK-Grade 5. Graduating students attend Dr. John Seaton School for Grades 6-8.

School Staff

Principal – Mr. P. Clemens (twinned with Dr. John Seaton school)

Vice-Principal – Mrs. B. McVittie

FDK A – Mrs. C. Seager (0.8)/ Mrs. M. Hall

FDK A – Ms. A Brook (0.2)

FDK B – Mrs. L Plumstead/ Mrs. S Banach

Grade 1 – Mrs. W. Blair

Grade 1/2 A – Mrs. C. Wolf

Grade 1/2 B – Mrs. N. Faragheh

Grade 3 – Mrs. C. Bender

Grade 3/4 – Mr. C. Cook

Grade 4/5 – Mrs. E. Heneberry

Grade 5 – Mrs. T. Baggio

Special class – Mrs. J. Nichols

Library/ Music/ Phys. Ed. – Ms. C. DeRuiter

Phys. Ed. – Mr. A. McMath

Phys. Ed. – Ms. A. Key

Learning Resource Teacher – Mrs. K. Somerville

French – Mr. R. Barrett

Reading Specialist Teacher – Mrs. L. Merritt (0.25)

Educational Assistants – Ms. M. Mullin, Ms. B. Edwards, Mrs. K. Wolnowski

Caretaking – Mrs. J. McManamy, Mr. S. Mito


Programs & Services

Student Sucess Supports

  • In class & withdrawal support
  • Integration of Special Needs Students
  • Adult/parent volunteers
  • Book Fairs-2 per year
  • Visiting experts (ie: artists, performers, scientists, authors as available/affordable)
  • Field Trips (ie: Stratford Festival, Hamilton Place, K-Gr. 1 Pumpkin Patch, Gr. 4 Rockton Fair, Gr. 5 Camp Onondaga

Program Highlights

  • Literacy Block with in-class Learning Resource Teacher (LRT) support and Literacy Improvement Project Teacher (LIPT) 0.5 support in the Primary Classrooms
  • Literacy Intervention withdrawal programs including Class Act, Leveled Literacy Intervention, Empower and Soar to Success
  • Comprehensive Literacy supported by Nelson resources
  • Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA) assessing reading and comprehension formally two times a year and ongoing running records
  • Writing supported by Write Traits in all classrooms
  • A Book Room includes teacher professional development resources, read aloud, shared reading posters and guided/independent reading level texts
  • Math and Science Manipulative organized and accessible in specific areas and/or the classrooms
  • Smartboard Technology in ALL classrooms
  • Teacher Learning Critical Pathway Cycles three times per year to support student achievement


Beverly Central school offers a variety of extracurricular activities annually.  Programs are offered by staff. Programs and clubs include but are not limited to: choir, library, sports, spirit and the environment.

Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Ontario Early Years Center operates Monday mornings in the gym
  • Mad Science program (user fees) one session per year
  • Rental Groups: Ladies Volleyball –Tuesday evenings

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

  • Literacy
  • The TLCP (Teaching Learning Critical Pathway) is used to drive the focus, planning and assessment of student achievement
  • Assessment for, as and of Learning -1.4 Assessment tasks are aligned with the curriculum, collaboratively developed by teachers and the resulting demonstrations of student learning analyzed to ensure consistency with success criteria
  • Reading and Writing
  • Smart Goarl-90% of students at Level 3 or above in reading and writing with specific focus to increase the achievement of boys’ writing
  • The students will engage in authentic and rich performance tasks that enable them to demonstrate their learning in reading and writing
  • The teachers will construct essential questions and provide explicit prompts that will guide students to deepen their thinking and engage in inquiry (primary and junior) Junior students will be expected to respond and think about their thinking looking beyond the text.
  • All students will be expected to use the strategies of good readers and writers
  • Students will understand and be able to demonstrate the success criteria to write for an intended audience for both short and long writing
  • Staff Development for Literacy
  • Our staff receives on-going staff embedded professional development as part of the TLCP
  • Our Primary staff meets weekly and our Junior staff once per month for professional dialogue related to literacy strategy and math instruction, best practice, book clubs and kid talk. The Literacy Improvement Teacher and Principal are an integral part of the PLC Teams. The staff invites the cluster Program Effectiveness Consultant as needed and available to deliver professional development related to ongoing staff needs, ie: media literacy
  • Family Curriculum Night
  • Resources in addition to Ontario Curriculum documents: Miriam Trehearne K-3 & 3-6, Harvey,Goudvis Strategies that Work, Cole Better Answers, Morgan,Saxton Asking Better Questions, Rog/Kropp The Write Genre, D.Diller Making the Most of Small Groups
  • Numeracy
  • School Focus using the problem solving model (mathematical communication skills)
  • Number Sense & Numeration focus once a week
  • Daily math “warm-ups” for Number Sense (counting, Fosnot string, mental math strategies or quick review
  • Staff Development for Numeracy
  • 2.4 Job embedded and inquiry based professional learning builds capacity, informs instructional practice and contributes to a culture of learning
  • Our staff meets once a month for professional dialogue related to numeracy instruction. The staff invites the cluster math facilitator as available to deliver professional development.
  • Family Curriculum Night
  • Grade 3 Math Network in the Cluster
  • Math Lesson Study Training for all teaching staff
  • Resources in addition to Ontario Curriculum documents: Van de Walle Teaching Student Centered Mathematics, Marion Small Making Math Meaningful, Great Ways to Different Mathematics, Fosnot Kits for Primary & Junior (mental math strategies) and manipulatives in the classroom

Environment Focus

    • Safe Schools
    • 2010 Continued Use of “Tribes” strategies, community circles and inclusion in the classroom
    • Annual review of Code of Conduct
    • Ongoing safe schools/anti-bullying campaign-classroom & school programs, special guest speakers & presentations as available/affordable
    • Roots of Empathy introduced 2009
    • Peer Mediators introduced 2010
    • Access Character Networks Pathways and Skills Streaming Program 2009, 2010 to present

Parent & Community Involvment


  • Community Partners available to support events as needed include: Rockton Lions Club, Rockton Fair,Copetown Lions, Strabane Optimist, Dundas Civitan, Rotary Club of Flamborough, Rotary Club of Waterdown, Westover Womens Institute, Lynden Community Choir
  • Beverly Community Centre & numerous local community businesses that support the Annual Turkey Dinner & Skate which celebrated its 34th year December 2010.
  • Lynden, Rockton and Westover Libraries
  • Faculty of Education Student Teachers and co-op students as available


  • School Council
  • Daily and Weekly Classroom volunteers
  • Parent Volunteers for Class/School Trips
  • Fundraising supports Classroom Literacy/Numeracy, Library, Trips,Technology Purchases and Playground Enhancement projects