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Last updated on Thursday, June 10, 2010.

Beverly Central Public School, located in Flamborough at 1346 4th Concession Road West, officially opened its doors in 1959. The school is a one floor building situated on a rural road surrounded by a farm, a golf course and a few homes. The catchment for the school encompasses the rural communities of Rockton, Westover and Lynden.

The school has many attributes including wheelchair accessibility, a green house, two soccer fields, a baseball diamond, three outdoor basketball nets, two picnic tables, a fenced in play area used by the Kindergarten classes and Special Needs Class, a gymnasium with a stage and a library/book room/computer room to serve the staff and students of Beverly Central.

EQAO Results
These assessments capture performance at a specific point of time each year. The results should be considered together with other school information about student performance in reading, writing and mathematics.