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Volunteers, Classroom Field Trips and Police Checks

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Volunteers, Classroom Field Trips and Police Checks

Dear parent(s)/guardian(s) of Bellmoore students, 

 Due to a revision of the HWDSB volunteer policy, all family members who attend school trips and/or work within the school in any capacity now need to have current volunteer checks. The new policy states that all volunteers must have a police check (Vulnerable Sector Check) on file with the school office for educational excursions of any kind. Every three years, volunteers need to produce a new police check and every year volunteers will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork.  

The document parent volunteers need is called a Vulnerable Sector Check.  The timeframe for a police check is approximately 14-30 days, the cost is $25.00 and it can now be done online. The web address is www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/hamilton. If you are interested in volunteering (for trips or special activities within the school/classroom) it will be a requirement that you complete this process first. When you apply online for a police check, please note that School Council will reimburse you $10 of the fee.  Simply bring in the receipt to the office.  

Unfortunately, if we do not secure enough volunteers we will not be able to run these wonderful opportunities for our students between now and the end of the school year. Thanks so much to those parents who are willing to help support our programming this year. 

-Bellmoore Staff 

Updated on Wednesday, October 04, 2017.
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