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Senior Boys Football Saltfleet DHS: 38, Dundas Valley SS: 6
Varsity Girls Field Hockey Ancaster HS: 1, Glendale SS: 0
Junior Girls Basketball Waterdown DHS: 21, Ancaster HS: 19
Senior Girls Basketball Dundas Valley SS: 39, Nora Frances Henderson SS: 23
Junior Boys Volleyball Ancaster HS: 2, Sir Allan MacNab SS: 0
Varsity Girls Field Hockey Sherwood SS: 1, Saltfleet DHS: 0
Senior Girls Basketball Westmount SS: 37, Sir Allan MacNab SS: 29
Junior Boys Volleyball Hamilton DCH: 2, Waterdown DHS: 1
Senior Boys Football Sir Allan MacNab SS: 29, Ancaster HS: 6
Senior Boys Football Orchard Park SS: 20, Sir Winston Churchill SS: 0
Senior Boys Football Westmount SS: 24, Sherwood SS: 8
Junior Boys Volleyball Westmount SS: 2, Westdale SS: 1
Senior Girls Basketball Saltfleet DHS: 55, Ancaster HS: 31
Junior Girls Basketball Dundas Valley SS: 57, Sherwood SS: 23
Senior Boys Football Waterdown DHS: 13, Westdale SS: 12

SOSSA Cross Country Results now available

Last updated on Sunday, November 01, 2015

DUNDAS, Ont (October 27, 2015) – Westdale and Dundas Valley were the top Zone 1 (HWIAC) teams at the SOSSA Cross Country Championship held Friday at Christie Lake Conservation Area.

Sir Winston Churchill (St. Catharines) claimed the overall title with 42 points while Dundas Valley scooped the junior boys team title and Westdale took the senior girls title.

Full results available here